free dmr v8 pedals when subscribe to mbuk

free dmr v8 pedals when subscribe to mbuk

Found 16th Apr 2009
v8 peals sell easily for £15 on ebay new so £15 off or some nice pedals-i got some red v8 pedals about a year ago from halfords for 40 quid so thought this was a good deal
think you have to subscibe for ayear though-not sure
choice of colours for the pedals-blue,gray or black


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cant seem 2 find a direct link-in the magazine it says when u subscibe u get 15%off the shop price and im pretty sure now its 13 months-so 13 issues

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works out 2 be £29.20 for 13 issues if u sell the pedals

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i know this isnt that gooder deal but why is is voted cold????
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