Free Doctor Who E Books - various titles  - Online or Download - BBC

Free Doctor Who E Books - various titles - Online or Download - BBC

Found 23rd Jan 2009Made hot 28th Jan 2009
Selection of Free Doctor Who E Books

Rare and acclaimed Doctor Who novels available to read for free!

All feature brand new artwork and extensive notes by the original authors.

Great pics to print off as well


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Thanks, my husband will love these. Shame that they have not provided them all as a single download but well worth the extra effort to get them for free.

Good find, lots of little games to keep the kids happy for a few minutes too!

The Dying Days is a *must* read. A brilliant accessible action adventure...

Excellent, thanks for the info

super hot good find
does anyone know where i can download a free copy of surivors the book if so can you pm me thanks


'Lungbarrow' is included in the free downloads Try getting this off eBay or other online bookstores.... you'l find it usually goes for around £50

By the way, if you search around the BBC Doctor Who site they also have downloadable stories in animated format. For free

This is cool! I work with a Doctor Who books Author! What a coincidence!

thanks - something else to listen to at the gym
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