Free donations to charity payed for by advertising Free Pink Ball!
Free donations to charity payed for by advertising   Free Pink Ball!

Free donations to charity payed for by advertising Free Pink Ball!

I am new to this socialvibe website so may not be the best if you have any questions, but basically you add a box to your facebook/myspace etc and the sponsors will contribute towards the donations of your chosen charity. The more points you get the more your charity gets - and the more members there are the more money is donated.
Get 2000 points or invite 5 people and get a free pink ball

Now i know they are making profit from this, but they are contributing to charity, and you are helping by doing absolutely nothing so please join :).

PS i have been cheeky by using a referall link - this means 100 points are collected for WWF for your signup rather than nothing :P

If you hate animals and don't want points to WWF use link socialvibe.com :P

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ouch i thought james bond might stop kiddies coldifyin a post which didn't directly benifit them >

I'm signing up! If your referral link is the second perhaps if you edit it into your second post so someone can just click it, as its a lot harder otherwise?

]http//ww…_sv - Your link - WWF

]http//ww…_sv My link - access to clean water

--- I think that was the referral link for you. I thought I'd make it here as it's easier for others. I also gave you some heat And to anyone, by clicking these links you can choose different causes.

It doesn't take anything for anyone to do this and it helps others, don't delay. Just because it isn't happening to you doesn't mean you can practice ignorance is bliss. So many people are suffering on so many different levels. It would be unbelievable agony if you can see it all. This allows you to socialise in the comfort of your everyday life and do something. Please.

iv joined thanks everyone hope i make a difference
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