Free Dora the Explorer 4 Free Gifts!
Free Dora the Explorer 4 Free Gifts!

Free Dora the Explorer 4 Free Gifts!

How it works

1) Just enter your details and click 'Sign Up'. We'll send you 2 FREE storybooks, Doctor Dora and Little Bill's Everyday Heroes, plus a FREE backpack and FREE poster.

2) Along with your FREE gifts we'll send you 2 additional books, Dora's Birthday for Boots and Blues Perfect Present, to examine on a 7-day trial basis. If you're not delighted with the trial books, return them within 7 days to cancel your membership. The FREE books and gifts are yours to keep whatever you decide.

3) If you choose to keep the 2 trial books, pay just £3.50 for each book plus a total of £1.48 postage and packing. Then, every four weeks, we'll send you 2 more books at the low member's price of only £3.50 per book plus a total of £1.48 postage and packing.

4) After accepting only 3 shipments of two books each, you may cancel at any time.

5) As a member each year you'll have the opportunity to receive, on approval, any special Year Books, calendars and supplements published as part of the series, together with other special offers. You will be notified prior to delivery with the details and price. You may cancel any delivery you do not wish to receive.

This offer is subject to availability. Every effort will be made to supply the items shown but alternatives of equal or higher standard may be offered.

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Be careful - Groiler book club schemes don't have the best reputation and can be much harder to cancel than they appear. Also AFAIK you have to pay to return the unwanted books so not totally free either.

Personally I would avoid, as sometimes the resultant pain of joining a book club isn't worth the mediocre free book(s). If I'm going to get stung for a tenner, I'd prefer to go in with my eyes open and spend that tenner at the Book People et al.


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i had the same

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Grolier,avoid they are awful.

I have dealt with Grolier in the past and they were a pain in the backside to cancel...It took me ages to stop them sending things.

They're probably the toys they withdrew because of the lead paint. :giggle:

:-( i signed up for this today before anyone had posted any replys.

I didnt have to put any card details in or pay for anything. But after reading the replies on here i tried to phone them to cancel it and the women said i would have to wait until they had sent it out to me then i can phone them to get the free post label to send the unwanted books back and cancel me membership. i'm worrying about doing it now.:-(

Oh well at least they cant take any money from me,i just wont send the books back untill they pay the postage or send me the labels

Original Poster

I thought it was a good deal......and signed up for it myself, but reading the replies here maybe it wasn't!!

Sorry guys

Grolier are to be avoided, tempt you with an attractive offer then they are just a PAIN.
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