Free Dosing cup or ball
Free Dosing cup or ball

Free Dosing cup or ball

I know it is only a soap powder dosing cup or ball folks!

I chose the cup because it will come in handy for use with other measuring needs.

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[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Here is a direct link to the form as the banner sometimes changes:[/COLOR][/SIZE]


Thanks for this but I already have plenty, especially since we use the tablets! :giggle:

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Maybe you could fill this with water to make the tablet go down easier!

:giggle: No, spoon full of sugar helps the tablet go down :giggle:

Nice one!

The budget washing machine liquid bottles dont come with balls. Been half tempted to "pinch/steal/borrow/take" one from one of the more expensive bottles of washing liquid just so I can use it.

Nice find
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