Free Download - Jodie Abacus - Love Arcade   @ Soundcloud

Free Download - Jodie Abacus - Love Arcade @ Soundcloud

Found 24th Oct 2017Edited by:"Boz"
Great Track Very Upbeat - Good Cheer Up With This Damp Weather We're Having !!!!

Here is an exclusive free download of a never before heard track called Love Arcade

To download just click on the ...more button up there to the left and select download!

** You need to be logged into your Soundcloud account to download. If you don't have one you can register free at Soundcloud. Enjoy the Beat !!!


everyone it's me Jodie do i know it's me?....Because I'm

the one typing this message to you right now at this moment and I JUST

looked in the mirror to check it was me....and it is!


writing to all you wonderful people because I'm delighted to announce

that my second EP 'Mild Cartoon Violence' will be released on the 3rd of


This EP's drama is born out my tangled cohesiveness of genres that I

love. The songs are stories from my life that i have lived over the past

year. These stories include the amending of a relationship, sexual

& loving stand offs, and most of all the torment of my soul which is

going on to this very day. I'll leave the rest for you to make up in

your imagination as you listen and come into my world.

One year has passed since my last EP (For Real Life and Not Pretend)

and i want to thank everyone that streamed/bought/downloaded/came to a

show in the past year. You, as the fans and listeners are my biggest

inspiration and your support is what drives me to continue to make the

music i make. I appreciate every single one of you very much.

To show my appreciation to you all i want to give you a FREE DOWNLOAD of

an exclusive never before heard tune from the Jodie Abacus vault!

The song is called Love Arcade and you can download it it HERE! (to download just click on the more button under the track then select download)

Thank you sooooOO MUCH ❤️

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