Free Download - Nine Inch Nails- Copy Of A [MP3] @ Amazon

Free Download - Nine Inch Nails- Copy Of A [MP3] @ Amazon

Found 12th Aug 2013
Free track from Nine Inch Nails new album Hesitation Marks


Nice spot, looking to be a good album from the two tracks released so far.

Link doesn't work…XD6

maybe this link works.
I think if you download it yourself and then go back to the page to paste the link then it has your personal details linked in to the page so the copied link won't work...I think

Nope. That didn't work either.
Very strange
Amazon free single of the week should have it listed.
Seek and you shall find

Original Poster

Not sure what happened
I posted a couple of freebies from Amazon earlier and both links have stopped working.

This one works as I post this…h_3

That link worked...


Fantastic - can't wait for the album!

Nice, cheers!

Cheers mate, seen them on the live stream from the Outlands festival doing this song. Brilliant!

Great song! Wish I'd got tickets for the small Scala gig. Can't wait for the new album.

Great! Although its hard to beat "Closer" for me
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