Free Download of 'In the Loop' On iTunes @ The Times
For the first time in the UK we have teamed up with iTunes to offer a movie download completely free. Watch Oscar nominated political satire In The Loop over and over again as this is yours to own.

IN THE LOOP is a foul-mouthed comedy that draws on non-specific events to create a world that is terrifyingly familiar: The US President and UK Prime Minister fancy a war, but not everyone agrees that war is a ‘good thing’. But when a mild-mannered minister inadvertently appears to back the war on prime-time television, he immediately attracts the attention of the PM’s venomously aggressive communications chief Malcolm Tucker (reprised from The Thick of It by Peter Capaldi).


thanks a lot, just set it downloading

its comin up as 4.99

Free for me - thanks a lot

@ M4verik
You have to click go to deal and types in your details... Good deal

downloading but going to take 8 hours !!! and i have really fast broadband

thanks - worked via the link

took 30 mins to download here. just got M VM broadband.

I bought the Sunday Times just to get this, turns out I didn't need to buy it!

Fast download , looks good film . link works fine ,:p

I saw the Times in Tesco and was wondering if I actually needed to buy it. So glad I didn't. Heat added!

Great film. Big thanks to OP!

Thank you:)

Love this film, so funny!!! #HEAT...

just got it!took 35 mins,big thanx!!

that took me ages to download!

downloaded yay thnk u


Thank you. 30 mins d/l for me

thanks 8 minutes for me and thats via my ipad and wireless lol love my 50 meg connection !!

Great thank you, just set it to download.

It;s asking me for a code. WHAT'S THE CODE???oOoO

Awesome cheers

Clicked through the link, entered details, and took me through to iTunes, now asking for a Redeem Code?
Haven't received an email, what do I do next?

Went back to Times enter details page, reentered details which generated an error and provided the Redeem Code and link - now working.
If it failed for you, simply go to link again and re-register with same details to get your code and link to iTunes again for download...
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Cheers, Heat

This film isn't great but the tv series it's based on "The Thick Of It" is excellent!

Thank you

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