Free Download - Office 2008 from Softmaker for Windows / Linux
Sick of Microsofts bloatware or want a portable version of Office for your USB Stick, try Softmaker Office. Its better and much smaller than Office 2007 or Open Office and its free until the New Year. Includes Word, Speadsheets, Presentation and Basic Script Editor. In addition for each download, the company gives money to charity.

To make the Portable USB version install the software, then go to Startmenu, Softmaker, Utilities and select Install on USB Stick. I always install on my second partition and have a permanent portable sitiing on my hard drive which is never lost when i reinstall the OS.

You can also run this on Linux using WINE. Does not any dependencies like .NET or Java


Works with all MS Products
Quick to install and use
Takes up only 65MB
Easy to use


If you just want the equivalent of Microsoft Word, there is the even smaller free and portable program called ABIWORD. It is only 10 MB in size, and opens all Word documents including docx.


Thanks for these I was looking for something like this.:thumbsup:
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