Free Download - XLR8R's top 100 of 2016 (Via We Transfer)
Free Download - XLR8R's top 100 of 2016 (Via We Transfer)

Free Download - XLR8R's top 100 of 2016 (Via We Transfer)

Originally founded in 1993 as a newsprint zine in Seattle, XLR8R (pronounced “accelerator”) has grown into a highly influential publication that strives to Accelerate Music and Culture. Focusing on a wide variety of musical subcultures, XLR8R aims to challenge cultural paradigms and provide their readers with a unique and inspiring experience.

For over 22 years, XLR8R has continued to bring their readership the latest news in genre spanning electronic music while successfully breaking new artists into the scene. Since becoming an exclusively online publication in 2010, XLR8R has focused its energy on bringing their fanbase exclusive podcasts, features and daily downloads from some of electronic music's most influential artists.

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100 Tracks - 1.3GB - 9hrs+

1. Red Axes, Moscoman & Krikor "Subaru Pesha" (Roman Flügel Dub)
2. Technotronic "Pump Up The Jam" (Raíz Remix)
3. Beastie Boys "BB01" (MANIK 13 Colonies Edit)
4. Born in Flamez & Modeselektor "TBF"
5. Everything But The Girl "Missing" (LAROCK Remix)
6. Affelaye "Fewer Looks"
7. Sasha Jan Rezzie "All My Dreams"
8. Patrick Siech & Sebastian Mullaert "Rivers Will Turn" (Elt Version)
9. Seb Wildblood "Crazy Eyes, Eric"
10. Dengue Dengue Dengue "Badman"
11. Few Nolder "Seven"
12. Submotion Orchestra "In Gold" (xxxy Remix)
13. Sebastian Mullaert "Windmaker" (XLR8R Live Interpretation)
14. Gameboyz "Of The Wall"
15. The Acid "Creeper" (Doctor Dru Rework)
16. Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler "Trip"
17. Koett "Slow Run"
18. Vessels "4AM" (FaultyDL Remix)
19. Agoria "Up All Night" (Gerd Janson Dub Remix)
20. Archivist "Pathfinder"
21. Poté "Katz"
22. Alfred English "Air Grid"
23. Heartbeat(s) "Eastsider"
24. Anne Clark "Sleeper in the Metropolis" (Jordan's Nocturne Edit)
25. Abstraxion "Spazieren" (Ripperton Remix 1)
26. Sandboards "Duneboys Theme"
27. Landslide "Red Forest"
28. Afriqua "Harken" (Archie Hamilton Remix)
29. Mitch Murder "Prime Operator"
30. Lancelot "Lorikeets"
31. Edyth "Àgua Verde"
32. Paper Tiger "I'm A Cyborg (But That's Ok )"
33. Mongo Skato "Perc"
34. Allies For Everyone "It Takes All Kinds"
35. Shawni & 23?d "Feel Love"
36. Anchorsong "Ceremony"
37. M.E.S.H. "Kritical Thirst" (DJ J Heat Jersey Club Remix)
38. InClose "Bright Phantasy"
39. Soul Of Hex "Sleep Mistakes" (feat. Albert Vogt)
40. Giorgio Moroser "Can't Stay"
41. Nolan Gray "Magic Crush"
42. Harald Björk "Vocal House"
43. Olaf Stuut "Pareidolia"
44. Visuals "Everything Flash"
45. LUC B & HLMNSRA "Asap Rocky Balboa"
46. M.A.D! "Mind"
47. Colom8ian "Here I Am"
48. Sepehr "Ego Trip"
49. Space People "Cars"
50. Indian Wells "Racquets"
51. Seb Zito "Bread Bin Bro"
52. Branko "Batido Eletrico 15"
53. Kevin Over "OK Villa"
54. Leaf Erikson "Cypress" (feat. Intricate Dialect)
55. Freda "Umwa"
56. Up High Collective "Phonemica"
57. Ssighborggg feat. Luna "Time Eater" (Gold Panda Recover)
58. untold. "Nightmare" (Original Version)
59. Nunca Duerma "Acid Jazz"
60. Infinity Ink "Full Capacity" (Man Power Remix)
61. Robin Ball "Fionn"
62. Dos Attack "Flue"
63. DJ Vague "4"
64. Skygaze "Darjeeling (feat. Abrigo De Pelos)"
65. Cranks "Semantic Memory"
66. Kassiel "Fluttering"
67. Jesper Ryom "Chants"
68. Julian Alexander "JANC3"
69. Ash Walker "Only Got Hash"
70. Mattia Trani "Hi-Tech Mission"
71. Memotone "Across The Divide"
72. Dreems "Charcoal" (The Finger Prince 'Webber' Version)
73. ÈBONY "Against All Odds"
74. Glassio "If I Was Your Boy" (Blue Hawaii Remix)
75. Ray Kajioka "The Ratchet"
76. HVL "Bizarre Realms"
77. Zia "Hold On"
78. Andre Crom "The Existence" (Oliver Deutschmann Edit)
79. Drishti Beats "Journey" (Escaping Animals Remix)
80. Almeeva "4 Bells"
81. Jordan "Everybody's Body
82. Dowrong & Eric Dingus "S.O.S. (Stack Or Starve)"
83. Klunks "Object"
84. Psychic Health "Cathedral"
85. Oliver Schories "Artik" (Atapy Version)
86. Daniel Haaksman "Rename The Streets" (Dotorado Remix)
87. Feynman, Andre Sobota "Smoke"
88. TMSV "Nuh Tek Dis"
89. Linafornia "Wassup" (feat. Jack Bastian)
90. DJ Raff "Completed"
91. N/UM "Chinook"
92. Modified Man "System Is Fatal" (Modified Short Version)
93. Lower Spectrum "Masquerade"
94. Lee Reynolds & Machino "Very Heavy"
95. bmfbmf "Mould Me"
96. DeWalta & Shannon "Let's Begin" (Dub Mix)
97. Szun Waves "New High Round Temple"
98. Gemini Brothers feat. Shahin Badar "Thessali Noir" (Justin Robertsons Deadstock 33s Dub)
99. Rashid Ajami "Culpa"
100. Panic Girl "75"
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Thanks For Posting.... Heat & Happy New Year

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