Free Drink From Yates's Bars - Text "YATES8" to 60777
Free Drink From Yates's Bars - Text "YATES8" to 60777

Free Drink From Yates's Bars - Text "YATES8" to 60777

I was out for a day in Durham today and i went in to a Yates's bar while i was there. I seen a poster they had up saying the following:


Text Your Mobile Number To:

"Text YATES8 to 60777"

Upon texting you will receive a reply. Show it at the bar to get your free drink.
Normal text costs apply.

I'll upload the photo i took of it so you can all see it yourself. Note however that the part where it says what to text and to which number was separate to the rest of the poster so it's POSSIBLE (though i may be way off here) that "YATES8" applies to that specific bar and it would be "YATES9" for another Yates's bar maybe, though like i say, this might or might not be the case.


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Here's the poster.


finally a use for all those free sims!

pity yates' are full of jakies!

Bah, just back from a Stag weekend in newcastle, there every day for a good bit. Would have been handy.

Aren't Yates in trouble?

Both the Warrington & St helens ones have closed down and been emptied of all furniture...

the one in birkenhead has gone aswell

and in grimsby. closed and striped

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Newcastle and Durham still there.

Southend still there too. Maybe it's a refurb?
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