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Posted 25 September 2022

Free drink up to 4 times when buying a drink through click & collect @ Caffe Nero

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

To make your Autumn mornings a little brighter, from tomorrow, order your usual coffee via Click & Collect , and you'll automatically unlock a drink on us, not just once, but up to 4 times*.

For the next 4 weeks, we'll reward you for simply ordering with Click & Collect.

Caffe Nero More details at Caffe Nero
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    The last time they ran this promo, I got the cheapest drink via C&C (i.e. espresso, macchiato or other small coffee), get the bonus stamp, and the free voucher can be used for any size drink in the following week.
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    OP has this deal priced at £3.49, but it can cost less.

    The cheapest barista prepared drinks are:
    single espresso or macchiato (£1.95)
    double espresso or macchiato (£2.40)
    regular americano (£2.70)
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    I wonder if this works with stamped cards?
    It doesn't. Mentioned in the terms.
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    Can confirm its works aswell! Free drink voucher appeared in the app straight away
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    Bought this am, instant free drink voucher available in app, valid until 6th October :-)
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    Last day today, ends at 10am (or maybe 10:30).
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    Their coffee is a bit bitter and does not have body like Costa. There's still the 2 for £3 bank app
    I've used it to buy their £4.20 Mocha white chocolate but it 'aint worth it.
    Not sure why people pay £3+ for a hot drink when a complete lunchtime meal deal is between £3-£4?
    I think that you're buying mocha white chocolate may indicate why you think the normal coffee is bitter. Each to their own tastes, I personally prefer nero to Costa if they're both available, but buy from both.

    As a matter of interest, which bank is offering the deal. (edited)
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    Get out of bed before 10????
    Good point!
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    Just what my wife needs - another excuse for a visit to the coffee shop!
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    Can confirm, offer is live.

    I'm sitting in Nero with a double macchiato, and a free drink voucher has appeared in my Nero app.
    The free drink is any size including speciality drinks and extras.
    Not bad, two coffees for £2.40, plus a stamp.

    I'll be having a Brazilian with the voucher (new single origin). (edited)
    Could you tell me the expiry date of the free drink voucher? Thanks @blahblahblah1234 (edited)
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    I presume this is takeaways only. I like to sit in my local branch and chill out listening to the tunes.
    I highly doubt staff are going to chuck you out.....
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    Just redeemed my free drink voucher for a large 3 shot Brazilian, and very nice it was too.
    Same again next week (edited)
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    This works with student discount as well if anyone else is eligible!
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    I have a few vouchers from the offer they had... Can i click and collect using voucher!? (edited)
    You can, but you won't get the free offer.
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    Not in my app….can anyone else see the offer yet?
    Nope, starts tomo (edited)
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    what crappy jazz ? !

    ...the horror!
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    Is there a minimum amount of spend needed for this offer ?
    Doesn’t state either way in the T&C. I imagine you could just buy an espresso or whatever’s cheapest. Just says barista prepared drink
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    Will this be all accounts?
  19. Avatar
    Voted hot, especially if you don't have access to the Three+ app £1 drink offer.
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    Didn’t work for me. I ordered via Click & Collect twice but just got a stamp each time. No free drink voucher… :-(
    Am I doing anything wrong? Just ordered via the Caffè Nero app. I don’t see that offer in my account though? Is it account specific? (edited)
    Oh, wait! I didn’t open the second page with the term that says before 10am!
    My fault… Will have to be up earlier… 😳
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    No longer live?
    check the T&Cs in the post
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    Never used click and collect So also had that promo where you get free voucher for first click and collect. So got £1.95 macchiato (£1.75 after NatWest 10% rewards) and received 2 free drinks and stamp. Not bad.
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