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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but just taken a look through the June issue of Asda magazine and found the following:

Asda Magazine has teamed up with a range of fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors and driving schools throughout the UK to offer you a free driving lesson - worth up to £25. You cantake your free lesson any time between now and the end of October 2007 - so you can reply to this offer even if it's a few months until your 17th birthday. There's no catch - it's completely free. Simply call 0901 676 3015 and leave your name, full address and postcode, together with (very importantly) a contact phone number. Or text asda15 followed by the same information to 81800 (text costs 30p plus standard text charge). A driving instructor will then get in touch with you to arrange your free one-hour driving lesson.
If you wish to delay your lesson (because you do not hold a Provisional Licence or are not yet 17), please indicate the date when you can take your lesson in your text or phone call to us (lesson must be taken before 31 October 2007). Also, please let us know if you have any disabilities that may affect your driving.

Sorry for any typo's - it's just taken ages for me to copy type all of that!!!! Hope that it proves to be of use to some.


0900/0901Call cost up to 60p per minute with a maximum call cost of £5.00; … 0900/0901Call cost up to 60p per minute with a maximum call cost of £5.00; or fixed cost up to £1.00 per call

Not saying this is not a good deal but just a warning to people incase they don't know that they are phoning a premium line.

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Thanks for this update Money Spinning - didn't realise calls to this number could be so expensive.


There's no catch - it's completely free

Is that Asda's own statement regarding this deal?

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Money Spinning

Indeed!Is that Asda's own statement regarding this deal?

Yes, just to confirm that the second and third paragraph of the deal are taken directly from the Asda Magazine on their Win Win Win page (pg 95). Referring onto the 'Prize Rules of Entry' (pg ninety eight (it inserts a smiley if Itry to add 98!!) it states:

'Entries for prize draws and giveaways are by phone, unless otherwise stated. Calls cost a maximum of 30p; text entries cost 30p plus normal text charges. Lines are open 24 hours a day, every day, until midnight on 30 June 2007,unless otherwise stated. Some line operate a call-barring policy, and calls from mobiles and payphones may be charged at a higher rate. Contact your service provider for details. Call 0871 875 5872 if you experience difficulties'.

Just to confirm that all of the other competitions on their Win Win Win page have telephone lines commencing 0901 676 and a text address of 81800 so I don't think that the rules above will differ for the driving lesson.

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Why minus rep?

did anyone go for this ? I just txt the number to give a go but its sunday not expecting a call imminently

Great deal, but im 17 in November so miss out by a week!

thanks for this:thumbsup:

Do they do this with automatics as i used to do manual but have changed over to the dark side now

Good find


Great deal, but im 17 in November so miss out by a week!

unlucky. I turn 17 at the end of August so this is a good deal for me.:-D

so is it a fiver to take up this offer or 30p?


Great deal, but im 17 in November so miss out by a week!

Do it anyway, when they call explain and it should be fine - friend of mine did that on a similar offer

For those who miss out by just a few days or so, try booking the appointment as close to the end of offer deadline, then ring up to say you are "ill" or something similar - has to be something worthwhile like this. Then, re-arrange for when you are better........even if they don't honour it by saying the deadline will have passed, nothing lost.....
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