Free Driving Lesson from Daily Star !

Free Driving Lesson from Daily Star !

Found 23rd Apr 2007
The Daily Star newspaper are giving away a free driving lesson for all its Readers. To get a FREE lesson by email, pls send the following details to: [email protected] with subject line STARDRIVE

Full Name | Address | Telephone | Date of Birth | Two Passwords - password 1 is: TEST password 2 is: DRIVE

To qualify for this offer you must hold a provisional driving licence or have one by August 31st,2007. Offer applies to UK mainland only subject to instructor availability.


Thanks edi,

Got one for my neice.

Heat added.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:


Nice find edi! :thumbsup:


[SIZE=2]T&C: During your test you must at least every 100meters, leer … [SIZE=2]T&C: During your test you must at least every 100meters, leer out of your window, wolf-whistle and shout "check out the rack on her" (or words to that effect)[/SIZE]

Couldn't resist [/SIZE]

Giving it a try, Thanks.

Thanks for that - Just applied for one for the wife (Better than letting her near my car!!) :-D

Thanks, hopefully I'll get one for my 17 year old daughter (who has a non-driving boyfriend 14 miles away!) Voted HOT.:thumbsup:

Just applied for my boyfriend might just give him the kick he needs to learn! Let us know if anyone hears anything.

Lets hope this work's my ambition in life was not to be a taxi driver grrr grumble grumble moan moan. Voted HOT HOT HOT

Any news from them? Sent an e-mail last week, but have not yet got any reply.:-(
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