Free Duty Calls Download @ EA Games
Free Duty Calls Download @ EA Games

Free Duty Calls Download @ EA Games

Today EA has released a PC only title named 'Duty Calls' in preparation for Bulletstorm's imminent release and to poke fun at Activision's multi-million pound franchise, Call of Duty.

The free download weighs in at 759mb and is available from TheDutyCalls.com.

Whether this marketing move is a stroke of genius or just barmy remains to be seen, but we're downloading the client right now to see what all the fuss is about.

News broke of this so-called game being released late this afternoon with EA tweeting:

"Stay Frosty @Bulletstorm fans. Download a FREE version of the most epically epic FPS ever: Duty Calls."

Duty Calls existence is just another entry in the ongoing battle between EA and Activision for industry supremacy, that said at least we get a free game out of it.


Any ideas on what it actually looks and plays like?

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its not finished downloading yet....

Are you kidding me? oO

I posted this (ironically) on another forum about what EA would call an unannounced game!

sounds quite fun but it would be easier if the deal link went to the site.
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Are you kidding me?


It's only about a 5 minute game but it is very funny.
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