Free DVD and 50% Off First Month
Free DVD and 50% Off First Month

Free DVD and 50% Off First Month

A free DVD and a few cheap rentals?

Please bear with me as this is my first deal post. Not the greatest deal in the world but might be of interest to someone.

Mymoviestream are offering a free DVD (choose from "Take The Lead", "The Lake House", "Casino Royale 2-Disc" or "Alfie Boxset") and 50% off first month unlimited DVD rental using the code RJMAY. This was sent to me as a persuasion to rejoin but it looks like it'll work for new customers too.

Valid until 18th May. Here's what they say

"To claim, simply come back to MyMovieStream.com and rejoin on any unlimited rental package using the special code: RJMAY

No need to remember old login details - just start afresh!

Once you have chosen and received your first rentals, we'll ask your choice of DVD-to-keep and send it out to you! [NB: Free DVD-to-keep not available on 4 disc or 2 disc fixed package]."

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