Free DVD. Choose from a range of 50 titles of films!

Free DVD. Choose from a range of 50 titles of films!

Found 5th Apr 2008Made hot 6th Apr 2008
Havn't tried myself but you just give them your interests and you get a free DVD film. And they're great films like SAW, X-men....
Give it a go
All of you guys who are getting time out problems, go and enter your email and password and it should take you straight to questionairre. It did with me


why all the cold votes?

I did this ages ago, got my free dvd and no spam. great freebie

I signed up for this, got a free DVD and havent heard anything since

GREAT freebie in my opinion


why all the cold votes?

Probably because it has already been posted. :thumbsup:…se-

I've done this before and got a free dvd but couldnt recall what the website was so thanks very much voted hot


Got this one a while back but you get your dvd really quickly

works voted hot

How MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY questions !! i was giving up the will to live ! you have to be so careful to put no to things etc !! Still a [COLOR=red]hot[/COLOR] find but only do it when you have an aounce of patience !!

i went for the war bride. x

Voted hot. Great find.

You can leave nearly all the answers blank to save a lot of time.

Voting cold as I complete the quezzie and it keeps timing out at the end when I submit!

Good offer, did it the last time and received my DVD quickly.

Times out for me too

Keeps timing out, and when I try again it says my address has already been used!

Timed out on page 14!

Timed out for me too. Does this mean they wont send the DVD?

times out on page 14 the love film bit! i hope i get my dvd! it took me ages to go through that! lol

kept refreshing the page and eventually it worked, cool!

thanks worked for me


most of the dvds on offer i seen in the pound shop.

Great find. Got through q're without answering a single question, simply selected continue all the way and then no at the end to not join Love films DVD club - let's see if i get the free DVD ^_^

applied thx

repost but good

did this a while ago, got donnie darko, came a couple of weeks after i did it. HOT!

Brilliant - used this last time and recieved the DVD - there is no spam with these whatsoever - I didn't even recieve an email telling me I was eligible for another free DVD. Plus - they have a slightly better choice of DVD's this time round! Heat and Rep added!

i might give it a go - a free dvd can still be swapped im sure, and if tis sealed thats better.

i was gonna do it last time, but the questions just wouldnt stop, and i couldnt be bothered as the choice wasnt great.

actually, i just checked the dvds on offer - and i wont bother, that might have been why last time too.

id have taken either X-Men or SAW, but they are not even on the site.

Kept timing out, but got there in the end. Thanks. Voted hot.

Checked on the site and it says I've already picked my dvd - so it must have worked. Last time I received two copies of the same dvd, a week apart.

Hi guys,
I'm new to the site and saw this post - checked out the club and just ordered my copy of Matrix reloaded - has anybody seen it? i think its a good choice - great way to get a free dvd i thought -
how long did it take for some people to get their DVD>? :thumbsup:

nice 1, i got to choose Shawshank Redemption + 3 other films :-)

For filling in a 10 minutes survey i got some decade of premiership goals DVD which is quite good. Very speedy delivery, i was expecting a couple of weeks and it only took a couple of days!

This is fantastic. Just signed up for the shawshank redemption one - 4 movies for the price of erm......FREE!! Would've looked quite dodgy, but so many trustworthy people have confirmed that they've received their DVD, thought I'd take the plunge. Thanks for re-posting the freebie. I dont see anything wrong with reposting old freebies if they still work. I just dismiss anything from over a couple of months ago anyway as they usually just tend to have expired or run out of freebies to send.

Just press continue right through survey, did this before then unregistered and reregistered again to get another free

great tip - i got an email from them saying they were of Fair Exchange??
Had a look - loads more surveys and loads of great competitions - any body a member?

I am. They also do the Daily Draw - free lotto game. I've never won, but I've been a member for about 4 years.

Original Poster

I posted a competition from faritrade to win 1,000 cadbury creme eggs lol!

I just found that competition - I also found a competition to win 100,000 cadbury choc buttons - crazy! something a bit different though i guess
I remember seeing something about a winner from the daily draw a months ago -

Brilliant Freebie!!! Thxs!
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