Free DVD collection: The Century of Warfare - two free DVDs inside the Telegraph
Free DVD collection: The Century of Warfare - two free DVDs inside the Telegraph

Free DVD collection: The Century of Warfare - two free DVDs inside the Telegraph

Free with the Telegraph, a 26-hour collection documenting 100 years of conflict and the battles that shaped history.

Your first two DVDs are free inside The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph on November 6 and 7, 2010, with a further five discs to collect from WHSmith high street stores from Monday to Friday.

This collection is the most comprehensive visual history of war ever compiled. It chronicles the First and Second World Wars, with DVDs covering weapons and machines, trench warfare and the Axis of Evil, among many other topics. The series then continues with The Cold War, Oriental Communism, Vietnam, The Middle East and the Gulf conflicts, examining how each conflict has shaped world history.
Free inside on Saturday, November 6 - The Road To Armageddon
As the twentieth century dawned, Europe was enjoying one of its longest-ever periods of peace and prosperity. But forces were at work which would soon bring unprecedented death and destruction.
Free inside on Sunday, November 7 - A Revolution in Warfare
1914-1918 saw the introduction of weapons which transformed the way in which future wars would be fought - the machine-gun, the tank, the fighter, the bomber, the submarine and the aircraft carrier.
Free with the Telegraph on Monday, November 8 - The Rise of the Axis
Tragically, the 'War to end all wars' turned out to be just a 20-year truce. As this ended, a new Axis of Evil, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, moved swiftly and brutally to dominate Europe.
Free with the Telegraph on Tuesday, November 9 - The Tide Turns
During 1941, Hitler made his two fundamental errors - bringing in both the Soviet Union and the United States to fight alongside Britain. The Axis was doomed, but years of struggle still lay ahead.
Free with the Telegraph on Wednesday, November 10 - The Allies Triumphant
Japan's assault on the United States at Pearl Harbour had turned a European war into a global conflict. Now the Allies had to fight for victory on every continent and in every ocean.
Free with the Telegraph on Thursday, November 11 - A New Era of Warfare
World War II was the most devastating and brutal ever fought. But it was swiftly followed by a 40-year confrontation which could have annihilated humanity.
Free with the Telegraph on Friday, November 12 - Beyond The Cold War
The nuclear stand-off between the United States and the Soviet Union maintained an uneasy peace between the superpowers, but it did not prevent smaller scale wars all around the world.
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