FREE DVD " Marketing Madness "
FREE DVD " Marketing Madness "

FREE DVD " Marketing Madness "

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With aggressive marketing campaigns, psychiatrists and drug companies rake in billions every year.

But where is the science to back up their pronouncements of new mental disorders, and what evidence supports their claims of drug efficacy?

And what about the safety of the drugs they promote, drugs that have amassed volumes of adverse effects across the world, including homicide, suicide and ruined lives?

In fact, psychiatrists and their drugs are under increasing attack by government safety warnings, legislation and tens of thousands of lawsuits.

Find out the story psychiatry and the drug companies don’t want you to know.


Are they? Where's the evidence. This DVD doesn't give you any.

As a student mental health nurse, let me be the first to say that this DVD is bullcrap.

Mental health conditions EXIST. It's pathetic material like this that sets the acceptance of mental health conditions back by decades.

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What about the difference to the quality of people's lives some anti-psychotic/anti-depressant medications have? I'm not massively into the 'medical model' but they do make a huge difference to some people's lives.
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They do Ploppy, and most psychiatrists will only prescribe in extreme cases. They prefer non-medicated treatments such as counselling and verbal therapies.

As I said, this is bullshite of the highest order.
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