FREE DVD “The Meatrix”
FREE DVD “The Meatrix”

FREE DVD “The Meatrix”

informative video on current problems of the intensive rearing of farm animals (for consumption or production).

We will happily provide you with a free copy of The Meatrix movies for your event or presentation. Email leo@themeatrix.com with your request for a DVD or download instructions. Also, check out our swag (buttons, magnets, postcards, stickers) and let us know if you would like any to hand out at your event (or maybe just to share with your friends).



Yet more anti-meat productions and scare tactics from the pro-vegetarian/pro-vegan campaigners.

Mmmm, succulent meat.

Heat from me

you need heat to cook the meat


People can't bare the truth.


People can't bare the truth.www.MEAT.org

I know all this, hence why i get my meat from good farms.


People can't bare the truth.www.MEAT.org

I'm a vegetarian because I hate the killing of animals, any animals.
Human beings are evolved enough to understand what compassion is. If you eat meat - you are capable to kill any live creature with your bare hands! You are just as guilty... No excuse...
(Please don't bother to add any comments about my post as I will not bother looking into this discussion thread again)

Meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat......MEAT!

Whether you are a vegetarian or an omnivore you should still know how meat is produced and whether animals have been fed with growth hormones etc.

Ah, a lovely world, no sheep, cows, pigs, chickens or (horses in France), or (dogs in certain Asian countries) and various other animals, just a few kept in zoos to save them all becoming extinct............
No more nice green grassy fields to look at, just fields of rape seed, and soya to make artificial meat......
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