Free DVD & Trial @ Tesco DVD
Free DVD & Trial @ Tesco DVD

Free DVD & Trial @ Tesco DVD

Sign up to a free 14 day Tesco Rental and get a free copy of either Jar Head, Curse of the Wererabbit or Just Friends.

Just remember to cancel your subscription before the 14 days ends!



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Anyone recommend the best free DVD ?

It might sound fairly obvious,but,
Jarhead for guys,
Curse of the wererabbit for the ankle snappers
and Just Friends for the gals.

Actually my daughter enjoyed Jarhead as well.So that one's in front.

Thanks for this I used to be a member but have signed up again using another e-mail adress and will cancel once the free trial is coming to an end (have set myself a reminder for this) but will get the free dvd (curse of the warerabbit) which will make a nice little stocking filler!


just had to giggle when I saw your post title: Free DVD & Trial @Tesco DVD, just made me think that Tesco were now offering customers the chance to have a court hearing and a free DVD, hell they sell everything else so why not offer a wee murder trial or a bit of divorce court settlement.

Sorry, just amused me. :giggle:

Back at the start of August I got a 2 month trial with Tesco DVD (some magic use one code), and during the trial they are very good - quick turnovers... You get a DVD on Monday, for example, get it posted same day before last post, and sometimes they usually got it next day and posted your next lot.

Been a paying subscriber the past 2 months and yeah it's been ok... had my moneys worth, but their service certainly is slacking when you become a paying member after a trial (which just isnt right at all...)

I've got a card that offers a 2 month DVD rental trial at Tesco..it says go to [url]www.tesco.com[/url] click on DVD rental enter promotion code TD47G6W ..valid until 31 December 2006


I guess they arent doing the free dvd anymore

shame i would have been tempted with the free dvd as just coming to the end of my love film trial...

i went for this after i received an email from tesco, has anyone received their dvd yet?
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