Free eaga ShowerSmart for all GB households.
Free eaga ShowerSmart for all GB households.

Free eaga ShowerSmart for all GB households.

Has anyone used one of these? Do they actually work??

Saves water, saves energy, saves money, saves the environment - and it's free!
eaga in conjunction with the government, are offering every household in Great Britain a free eaga ShowerSmart unit.

The eaga ShowerSmart fits easily to your existing shower unit and ensures a constant flow of 7.7 litres per minute, giving a full even jet and reducing fluctuation in the speed of the water flow.


these are terrible - such a waste of OUR tax!! If you want a crappy shower, turn the tap down.....

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Point taken!

Try some cashback sites and you may get 50p or more


These units are designed to be used where the water mains pressure is higher than average and so flow is excessive. If you're wasting water because the flow from your shower is too high, then you're also wasting energy heating the water. It's estimated there are 10 million showers throughout Great Britain which waste an average of 12,000 litres per annum - each - and generate a tonne of CO2 unnecessarily.

Put this into perspective, if 6 million of the households who could benefit from this unit added it, we could save an estimated volume equivalent to 25 Lake Windermeres of drinkable water per annum (or around 80 billion litres) along with 6 million tonnes of CO2. Just how many bodies of water the size of Lake Windermere do we have in this country?

Now, if your mains water pressure is low, you don't need this unit and you're going to think it's terrible, as the first reply said, it will lower it even further, though I would ask how qualified you are to say that as opposed to the agencies who carried out extensive testing before it was approved for use?

If your mains water pressure is too high, you're not going to notice much difference when showering and you'll be doing your bit to save valuable resources, both water and energy.

If you think this might benefit you - and the planet, please visit
]shower-smart.co.uk. All households are eligible, you don't need to be on benefits or over 70 as you do for some other government give-aways.


These work well where the water main pressure is a little higher than average and so the flow from the shower is excessive, but obviously not where the pressure is already low.

Each unit can save up to 1 tonne of CO2 and 12000 litres of drinkable water every year.

There are 6 million free units available, suitable for around 10 million properties. Do the maths and that's 6 million tonnes of CO2 and around 72 billion litres of water.
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