Free Easter CoCo Pop Cakes Lollies Recipe
Free Easter CoCo Pop Cakes Lollies Recipe

Free Easter CoCo Pop Cakes Lollies Recipe

Free Easter CoCo Pop Cakes Lollies Recipe

Lovely recipe from a professional cake maker - but easy for kids to do.

From an educational website ............ copied from start of page .....

This is such a great, easy and cheap recipe to make charming Easter Pops. This recipe is supplied to us by a professional cake maker, Dali from St Albans, who is also a member of the Hertfordshire Education Recycle community .We love them and they are a fun and funky alternative to the traditional Easter egg or Cake.

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Yum Yum!!!! Thanks hun! x

Yummy they look really professional !


Think I will try these out myself first to make sure I know what I am doing before getting my little one involved in making these.

If your little ones are a little impatient when making these or you are short of time you could get a plain sponge from the supermarket and go from there without having to make the mixture and wait for it to cook.

Found this receipe on what looks like a fairly new site the other day - It looks like a great site, not only did it have loads of tips and hints for us busy Mums and Dads, it lets you, for free get things like school uniforms and related educational items - I got a free Brownie Uniform from someone who had advertised on the site. I couldn't believe it ! Talk about easy to use - It is all local in my area of hertfordshire. I signed up - it is a long awaited site!! Anyway, going to make these cakes this weekend with the Kids - Mess, Fun and Chocolate - who could ask for more on a Saturday afternoon! Good luck to all of you making them too.

lucerysmum... I just went to print off now you can win 12 of these cake pops

Just cooked these and they are VERY sweet.. I like them, but couldn't have one in one whole go! lol.
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