Free eBook: The Asymmetric Art of War By Andrew Hibbert @ Authonomy

Free eBook: The Asymmetric Art of War By Andrew Hibbert @ Authonomy

Found 27th Mar 2011…ar/

Just register and login to read this book for free. It's a fantastic cat-and-mouse thriller. Here's the blurb:

Mercenary, terrorist, enigma, Mark Nyman implements a new kind of warfare that overwhelms the British security services in an electrifying game of cat and mouse.

‘War is an evolutionary struggle, not against other species but against other members of the same species. It differs from the Darwinian model in that its adaptations are not biological but in many ways the two are alike.’ Part manual, part thriller, the Asymmetric Art of War comes together in its enigmatic protagonist, Mark Nyman, who develops a theory of asymmetric warfare while studying life sciences at Cambridge and is then recruited into 7, an army intelligence unit closely linked to the SAS. Ultimately disillusioned with the War on Terror, he becomes a mercenary and is tasked by renegade general Amira Khaled to develop a new weapon system and train a group of fighters in accordance with the principles set out in his paper. To begin with, it is just another mission with Nyman slipping easily into his new role as terrorist, but then events start to take on a deeper significance for him. What follows is a dangerous game of cat and mouse between him and his former employers at British intelligence. Still, the ever feline Nyman is clearly untroubled by the conflict of loyalties. For him, there is only the game.
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