Free Eco Disposable Nappy Trial Pack

Free Eco Disposable Nappy Trial Pack

Found 25th Aug 2009
Try any two eco disposable nappies for free!
ONE trial pack per household.

Only available in the UK.

Choose from the bestselling Bambo, Tushies or Moltex eco disposable nappies.

Fancy trying something a bit different to the high street disposable nappy?

Beaming Baby stock the widest range of eco disposable nappies in the UK. Our nappies are kinder to babys skin and the environment while maintaining features of the conventional disposable nappy. Of all the eco-disposable nappies in the UK, we at beaming baby believe we offer the best variety via both our natural baby catalogue and online. Super absorber gel in some high street disposables has been linked to asthma and eczema and is also toxic to the environment.

All three brands of the eco-disposable nappy are highly biodegradable with the exception of the fasteners and elasticated material around the legs.

The Bambo Eco Nappy
These nappies undergo a modern oxygen bleaching process and are free from harmful chemicals, making them kind to babys skin and highly environmentally friendly. This nappy was awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label and offers maximum comfort and at the same time minimum harm to the environment. Oxygen bleached Free from lotions & perfumes Latex free waistband and cuffs Eco-friendly Nordic Swan Eco Label

The Tushies Eco Nappy
These nappies have the performance expected but with the advantage of being the only gel free disposable nappy. The nappies are made of a unique blend of cotton and wood pulp and are also free from perfume, latex and dyes. Gel free absorbant core Free from lotions and perfumes Latex & dye free Unique blend of cotton and wood pulp

The Moltex Eco Nappy
These nappies are free from bleaching agents, TBT and perfumes and are recommended for babies with eczema. This nappy was awarded the Baby & Toddler Gear Platinum Award.
50% Biodegradable, Non - Chlorine Bleached, Free from TBT and perfumes, Recommended for babies with eczema, Baby & Toddler Gear Platinum Award, Biodegradable packaging.

Expert opinion?
In our opinion, and that of our online and natural baby catalogue customers, the best choice of eco-disposable nappy is the Bambo.

It is Beaming Babys best value nappy; our best selling nappy, and it is 100% more biodegradable than high street eco-disposable nappies.
The perfect choice for your baby, the perfect choice for the environment.
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Got these last time they sent them out really quickly
Great nappies and a clearer conscience!
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Good post-voted hot.
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