Free EcoManager worth £69.99 @ EDF

Free EcoManager worth £69.99 @ EDF

Found 22nd Oct 2010
When you go to bed, how many of your appliances are still awake? With ‘EcoManager’ a wireless appliance controller exclusive to EDF Energy, it’s a simple job to turn off connected appliances and say goodnight properly.
Designed to help you and your family get a grip on energy usage, EcoManager gives you an indication of the cost of connected appliances left on, or on stand-by, and even shows the impact of leaving them on in CO2.*
EcoManager also lets you turn connected appliances off from one location at the touch of a button, helping you to save money and carbon.
This clever piece of technology is available free when you sign up to our new EcoManager package. It comes with three transmitter plugs, but if you want to control more appliances, like we’ve done, you can buy more from EDF Energy

Free for EDF new and exsisting customers(12 months standart tariff applies). Have one,usefull tool.
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So you actualluy have to sigh up and pay to be a customer, THEN you get it for free?
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Yes u get it free went u sign up with them. If u r existing customer u need to buy from them.
In thats case, voting cold.

Yes u get it free went u sign up with them. If u r existing customer u … Yes u get it free went u sign up with them. If u r existing customer u need to buy from them.

If you are exsisting customer,you get it free. Check it HERE
So dont tell lies if you dont know.
It is only free to existing customers if you resign to a standard tariff which is the dearest tariff,in my case I would be paying 30% more for my fuel,if you want this meter it will cost £69.99 if you stay on your non standard tariff so beware!!!

Completing this form will transfer your Energy accounts onto our Standard tariff
By ticking this box you confirm that you understand that on signing up to EcoManager you will be placed on our Standard tariff and that an Early Termination Fee may apply if you do not remain with EDF Energy for at least 18 months and that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Your EcoManager will be supplied within 4 weeks of switching to the Standard Tariff, subject to stock availability. Only one EcoManager will be provided per account address.

COLD FOR ME. it's not free.

poor deal - why would anone move to an expensive tariff.... EDF will prob not bother taking customers to court if you switch to a cheap EDF tariff immediately.
Ironically my fixed rate EDF tarrif came to an end at the end of Sept and they automatically put me on their standard tarrif. I received a letter about this last week and I called them today

My EcoManager is on its way, but I'm not overly worried as I have a company coming tomorrow to fit me up with free Solar PV, so in reality I should see savings even though my tarrif has increased and I'll also soon be in receipt of another gadget

My commitment to EDF on the standard tarrif is 18 months, as already stated, however, I can nevertheless switch tarrifs whenever I want, with no penelty, as long as I stay with EDF
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