Free edition of online Dandy @

Free edition of online Dandy @

Found 4th Dec 2012
As the Dandy comic moves to online publishing you can get the first issue for free at


Voted hot but it won't be the same as holding a comic. Having said that, the last time I bought the Dandy was about 1973.

can you download it to view in a comic book reader?

well that will gimme something to do for 20 mins


that was quite annoying to look at.
do kid prefer this slightly animated comic to the real thing?

I remember this ol' comic!

Thanks OP.

Not the same as having the actual comic though!

doesnt work for me , all a bit of a mess.

When I was a kid bedridden with an illness (chicken pox - i used to get everything) the highlight of the week was being fetched the beano/dandy at a cost each of 2 old pence. Might even have been less !

You can't get a double dip lolly with the online version.

It isn't working though when I'm trying to view it I just get a server error

thanks for this.

i really want to read the numbskulls again
wont load though , front page get stuck

Heat added

Heat added but preferred the Beano and The Beezer !

its been so long

If they even think of doing this to Whizzer & Chips... I'll kill 'em!!!

Doesn't seem to work on the iPad?

It "works" on iPhone, it just doesn't work for me. They are NOT the numbskulls

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