Free engineer visit from TalkTalk

Free engineer visit from TalkTalk

Found 7th Sep 2013
Just noticed that TalkTalk is offering free visits from its BrightSparks engineers to look at your system - normally £50.

If your system is running a bit slow, that is.

You log in to your account and run a speed test (in the Support section).

If your speed is slow, you get a free unique code for an engineer visit. My speed was about 5 mbps (normally 9 mbps) and that qualified me.
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are they a real engineers though or just random guys who had 2 weeks training that TalkTalk decided to call engineers? :o)
the free visit worked great for me a few months ago!!
Just get this message on screen:

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We had a free visit a couple of months ago and the engineer was pretty good. They can reset the download speed remotely.

Trouble is, that automatic system they use winds down your speed gradually in my experience.

I'll definitely be leaving them when I'm out of contract - they are not delivering what they promised and what the line is capable of. The problem is 100% TalkTalk's fault, my home set-up is fine.

I was down to 1 mbps this morning but restarting the router bumped it up to nearly 5 mbps again.
Haha, I would rather visit London zoo and throw my MacBook to a chimp to look at.
They'll still try and charge you 3 months later
worst isp I have tried for service, support and even trying to contact. they even chased me to reinstate direct debit after I had left them! wouldn't let any of there "engineers" near my network/pc/laptop.
OTOH with TalkTalk we get completely free calls to 16 countries and my wife phones abroad maybe 7-8 hours a week, it's not all bad
Check your TalkTalk service

Let us run a live health check on your service
and help you fix any problems.

Sorry - we can't check your connection at the moment. Try refreshing the page, or check back later.
What a suprize there! if i didn't use my e-mail address for lots of comps and not confident at changing to "hotmail"or whatever i'd move too!!!promised free broadband untill they found out we weren't "unbundled"? (_;)
I got a feeling if you invite one of these so called "Engineers" around to your home they will find a fault a recommend a upgrade to make your life better. Their is a reason they want one of their Engineers to visit you and I am guessing to try and sell you something.
Got the speed up to 7 mbps at the moment - good idera to have a moan on the talktalk forum

Got the speed up to 7 mbps at the moment - good idera to have a moan on … Got the speed up to 7 mbps at the moment - good idera to have a moan on the talktalk forum

Without looking at your line stats it may not be your best outcome.
No I want my old 9-10 back

No I want my old 9-10 back

You'll get your 1152 back
Not sure what's going on here but we lost the phone line completely earlier as well, I'm very fed up
All TalkTalk I might add
You might as well stick a few free codes in your diary in case you need a visit later
They'll send their engineers to raid your cookie jars..!!!
I would like to know how much training these so-called "Talktalk Engineers" actually have. When we 'switched' to TalkTalk, we had our perfectly working telephone line put out of action by TalkTalk for the duration we were with TalkTalk. Only by leaving them and going back to our original telephone provider did I get my broadband and telephone back. Customer service is non-existent at TalkTalk. TalkTalk engineers did not fix our line at all !!!! Our original provider sorted the problem in a few hours whereas TalkTalk could not fix it at all, despite the fact that TalkTalk created the problem themselves ! I have no faith in TalkTalk nor their so-called "TalkTalk engineers".

Now, the question you have to ask yourself is: "Do I want a TalkTalk Engineer to visit me?" - The choice is yours !
I'm getting a free modem out of it, I guess that's worth £50 or so on the bay
Link not working for me. My broadband keeps disconnecting - admittedly it did that with Orange (it was one of the reasons I left).
link is to - log into your account, run the speed test under 'support'

link is to - log into your account, run the speed test … link is to - log into your account, run the speed test under 'support'

Thanks - speed test is fine (over 10MB), except when it doesn't work at all. I guess I'll have to phone them.
They run a few checks then tell you to change the micro filter over. You have to monitor it for 24 hours. If it doesn't improve, phone back. Then you can get an engineer visit or alternatively they'll agree to send you a new modem.
Actually they're sending me 2 free modems worth £50 lol

I might make a third call ;-)
So what do I do? My broadband keeps dropping out for 12h + and the only solution is to upgrade to fibre...but it doesn't exist yet in our area
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