Free Enterprise class AV & webfilter for 10 PC's/Macs.

Free Enterprise class AV & webfilter for 10 PC's/Macs.

Found 7th Dec 2016
Really good, espectially for a freebie. Managed from a web console, so you can apply policies & report remotely. I have been using it a while and its never caused me any issues.

More details:…spx
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doh! allready posted.
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have you tried heimdal security? they have afree patch management client - keeps common apps (java, flash etc) up to date automatically to minimize your exposure on the web. the paid for version blocks traffic to known malware sites.
Not heard of them. I'll have a look.
Have a look at this, if you deal with IT security or are super cautious. It's pretty sweet !…spx
(Not free)

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Thanks for this.

Not heard of them. I'll have a look.

They are a really well established computer security firm like emsisoft and alike, big big name brand in the sector I'm installing this as I write this and hope to test the engine and get back with pros and cons but do thank the op for this, as missed this years free av engine software giveaways up until I found this and it is something I am eternaly greatfull for

Update:…tml went here tried every threat on the page and it picked them all up in sophos home it's actually very effective and doesn't appear to kill the power of the system while doing it either, a bit like the 360 total security doesn't another good security.Not sure how that fares on the test I did with Sophos?

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