Free Entry @ South Lakes Wild Animal Park
Free Entry @ South Lakes Wild Animal Park

Free Entry @ South Lakes Wild Animal Park

** Looked back a month to see if this was posted already and can't find it. If it is then please take this as a reminder :-) **

Fabulous place, we go every New Year and were pleasantly surprised to find it free this year so sharing the knowledge. Great with little ones but big enough to entice the grown ups to come along, especially those enticed by tigers and lions. Personally I'm just impressed that there's no big money spinning corporation exploiting animals but a genuine wish to conserve endangered species. It's nice to see the founder grafting there inconspicuously too! Oh, and Kadi the baby tiger is adorable!

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Popular place at the moment, think it's free because with it being of season it's more likely for some animals to being making the most of the winter (sleeping), plus maintenance maybe taking place in certain areas. But that said those that have gone out of season have enjoyed it

Free entry poster - filesdown.esecure.co.uk/wil…pdf

Facebook page - facebook.com/pag…762

A wonderful place to go. The tigers alone are worth the trip.

Cumbria, bit too far for me (Kent) but I was gearing up for it!

Brilliant thanxs will go

Thanks - a nice day out before kids go back to school.

Thanks for posting this, I went a few months ago and it was great. Will make a trip again before the end of January

cheers op the daughter will love this!, lots to do in the surrounding areas too i would imagine

Thanks Op, voted hot.

(FYI. It was posted a couple of months back - but, as you say, no harm in having a reminder. Hopefully we'll get a few days of half decent weather for making the trip down to the park.)
Earlier Post with further information for those interested.
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Ah thanks, I don't tend to look back more than a month as things change but apologies to the earlier poster. There's no less happening than at high season so far as I can tell but it's flippin' cold up there at the mo!



Was amazed when I saw this! I live in Dalton! WoopWoop!!

Great day out for the kiddies, especially when everyone is still recovering from Christmas haha
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