Free Entry @ South Lakes Wild Animal Park

Free Entry @ South Lakes Wild Animal Park

Found 5th Jan 2011Made hot 6th Jan 2011
Not sure if this has been posted before, apologies if it has.

Open from 10-4.30pm every day. Free admission for adults and children until 13th February 2011!

This is a really good Zoo and definatly worth a visit if you arent too far away. Think its usually about £15 entry for Adults so a great saving.


This is great we went on monday on our way home from staying in Barrow and we thoroughy enjoyed it my daughter was a bit frightened by the geese that tried to bite her Daddy unfortunately there was only one way past as the other was closed due to ice on the bridge definately recommend x

This was posted in November I think when they first made it free for the coming few months. Still hot, though they don’t have Santa’s grotto and the reindeer now.

I am local to the zoo and it’s worth a visit, especially for free when it’s normally about £12 for adults.

it actually £15 pounds for adults! well worth a visit! we're planning ours now

Thanks for this. Been thinking of visiting here for a while now so will definately give it a go whilst it is free x
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