Free Entry Voucher to Top Attraction - Alton towers @ Sainsburys

Free Entry Voucher to Top Attraction - Alton towers @ Sainsburys

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Found 21st Jul 2008
Just buy something at Sainsburys supermarket or petrol station and you will receive a free voucher to visit one of top attractions ncluding alton towers.

So what is the catch ?

This voucher is only valid if and when accompanied by one individual paying the full adult day rate.

The chances are not many people go alone to these attractions so most people would make considerable savings.

So hold tight for that trill of your life!!!!!!

Please check dates for availability as their are some restrictions on some dates.


You have to spend £40

why bother its not free then is it..... why don't you all just goto the tusards website like i did and print the same voucher as sainsburys is making you pay for for free..... now thats a bargain..

voted cold sorry

Or you could just pick up a pack of tetley tea bags which have 2 for 1 vouchers on them...

Search for the £16 downloadable voucher on here its cheaper than BGOF

Very very cold deal! Saw this in Sainsburys and almost burst out laughing!

I remember buying a Wii Steering Wheel from Toy's R Us and at the bottom of the receipt it had this deal on it but aint sure how long it's valid till.

sorry but this isnt exactly "free"

There are so many coupons/vouchers and offers around to get one person into Alton Towers for free (with a full paying adult) that i dont think i or anyone i know has ever payed the full price to get in. :whistling:
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