Free EP: Jonny @ Turnstile Music
Free EP: Jonny @ Turnstile Music

Free EP: Jonny @ Turnstile Music

Inter-twining the musical DNA of two of Britain’s most gifted songwriters (Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and Euros Childs of Gorkys Zygotic Mynci), Jonny’s debut album proclaims the advent of an irresistibly infectious new strain of psychedelic pop. To kick things off, Jonny are giving away a free, four-track download EP of non- album songs.

Track listing:

2.Beach Party
4. Michael Angelo (by 23rd Turnoff)

Blake’s Teenage Fanclub and Childs’ Gorky’s toured together in 1997, and when Blake contributed guitar and vocal harmonies to Gorky’s bitter-sweet How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart in 2001, Euros remembers “it just felt like he was part of the band… from that point on it always felt like we might do something together in the future, it just took a few years to actually get it organised”. Euros eventually made it up to Norman’s house in Glasgow in 2006 to record “what we thought was an EP”, and the duo played a handful of rapturously received live shows, before finally getting down to putting a whole album together early in 2010.

If you like the EP... the album is a lot of fun as well


went to see them in cardiff last week. enjoyed the set but was miffed that they sat down the whole time. nobody beyond the first three people could see them!! well annoyed.

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I was sorry to have missed them this tour but would have been miffed not to have been able to see too! They were great at Green Man a couple of years ago and if I remember correctly they were standing up... you'd think they'd be a bit more excited with their album just out and up doing a little dance or something!

Hot. They are both getting on now see, so chairs all the way. Best buy some stilts next time.

was more annoyed that norman even made a joke about thegfact that nobody could see them. i rue the night i shared a pint with him in 1994. lol

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Oh... 1994! Those were the days!
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