Free Epilepsy ID Cards and Seizure Diaries

Free Epilepsy ID Cards and Seizure Diaries

Found 22nd Apr 2008
Great site that offers help and advise for epileptics, with free cards to carry around showing others what to do in the event of you having an epileptic fit. Also a free seizure diary to record information in.
These ID cards are intended for those that have epilepsy and that this is a charity. Please only request one if you genuinely have a need for it, or for people to order if they or someone they know has epilepsy.

To order completely free, click on 'add to cart' for required item, then proceed to check out.
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I simply have to vote this hot. Epilepsy is a horrible thing. My big brother died due to having a sezure. He collapsed in the car park and people left him to it because they thought he was drunk, and no one knew what to do! had anyone bothered with him and come across a card like this he might still be here today.
Here here, my Father and Brother both suffer. Thank you, heat and rep added.
voted hot.
voted hot, great post :thumbsup:
100% agree. Lost my sister to epilepsy. If this can save even one life it has done its job.
Voted hot and added rep - good cause.

I saw 3 policemen beat up a guy who had a seizure whilst driving and they beat him as they though he was drunk. I have never got anywhere with my complaint about it either for some reason. Even tho incident was on CCTV.

Not ordered as i personally don't need it but every sufferer should have one.
ordered hot as me and my gf both suffer heat given
voted hot great find thx
Great find.
If it saves just one person, then it's a job well done !

Voted hot, and rep added
Thanks for that info DrSimon, voted hot and rep added
great find for anyone having to live with epilepsy just for own piece of mind. If someones found with one of these on them and looks to be in a bad way, at least whoever finds them can notify any paramedics etc that they have a card. Its just a shame that hardly anyone knows how to handle people having seizures.
My ex had a fit sleeping next to me when we weren't even aware he had epilepsy. (It hit him at the age of 33 unexpectedly) I completely panicked and had to run next door for the neighbours to call the ambulance because I just couldn't remember the right number in my sheer panic... (I haven't been in the UK for long at that time and it didn't help that I watched too many US cop films... :oops: ) So I know how much it would have helped if I had a little book like this to guide me at that time. Woted hothothot!
Heat and rep added for this. There was a lad i knew who had epilepsy and he died when he had an epileptic fit in his sleep. I hope that this will help people who suffer from epilepsy and their families. Thanks for this.
that is great, ordered one for work (for first aider) as we a person there who has this condition.

that is great, ordered one for work (for first aider) as we a person … that is great, ordered one for work (for first aider) as we a person there who has this condition.

Your first aider knows what to do when a person has an epileptic fit, or they wouldn't be the first-aider. Hope they or the person with epilepsy aren't insulted by you handing them this. Why not keep it and learn yourself, as you never know when this knowledge could come in useful.
Voted Hot, I have epilepsy and I've already got the card... But its good that DrSimon has maybe helped others that didn't know that they were available... Top!!!
Top Doc!
Voted hot! Epilepsy is a horrible thing.
Thanks for this.

I'm 19 and have recently started suffering what are looking like seizures due to photosensitivity, and am going to the neurological unit soon to get checked out. My sister is a photosenstive epileptic so our guesses are probably accurate.
I have the asthma one of these. Its really made my boyfriend feel more confident about dealing with me if I get sick, so if I need that one I'm sure he'll be very reassured.
I have epilepsy & can only thank you for posting this.:thumbsup:
How ami surpossed to get an epilepsy card
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