Free Episode Of Doctor Who With iTunes
Free Episode Of Doctor Who With iTunes

Free Episode Of Doctor Who With iTunes

Get a free episode of Doctor Who from iTunes in association with Radio Times. I just got the latest Radio Times today and this offer was in it. You get the episode "Partners In Crime" which was the opening episode of Series 4 (apparently). I'm not a fan myself, but this may be good for the many fans out there.


do you need a promo code or anything as it is aking for £1.85?

Put "Partners in Crime" in the search box and it comes up with two options. One free, and one not. Downloading it just now, but should it really be taking 45mins to do so?

Great thanks OP

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ollie321 - I have iTunes installed and when I went to the website address it opened up iTunes and the free download was just in the top right hand corner - hope this helps

Just realised what a connection between the op's username and Dr Who!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway, anyone know - should it be taking 45 minutes or so to download?
It's still going, from my first post in here, and it's about two thirds done.

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shibi din - No idea, I'm afraid. I never downloaded it as I don't like the programme lol.

I think this goes straight to the free download:-]http//it…444
Cheers OP

Mine only took about 5 mins to download - I guess it depends on your connection though

Mine wouldnt download keeps tell em to upgrade to the latest version and when I try to it crashes adn doesnt work!

Many thanks for this one



There is a load of the classic episodes on YouTube including Caves of Adrozani, Carnival of Monsters, Krotons....

Details at the bottom of the page...
]Kasterborous News


I think this goes straight to the free … I think this goes straight to the free download:-]http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewTVSeason?id=335776192&s=143444Cheers OP

thank you, couldnt find the free one lol,

Excellent big thanks, everyone in my family are fans, including the in-laws hehe

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