Free Esteem Clothing Protectors

Free Esteem Clothing Protectors

Found 18th Dec 2008
Free Sample

Are Esteem Clothing Protectors what you want? Not sure? Well try before you buy and find out for free! We will send a pair to try free of charge (UK only). Please specify the colour and whether you want them for sleeved or unsleeved clothes.

For a sample please contact us directly by phone or fax.

Telephone: 01432 373 555
Fax: 01432 371 314



Original Poster



Don't order them then!!! :x

But you know they are for sweaty pits???

Not sure?? (deodorant) lol

i am not order it because i don;t know what it is as they did not show the photo of example

Just saw the companys name... "STD Pharmaceutical Products Ltd" - I pmsl!!!

oh also to the user saying they couldnt get it to stick, it says on the website to peel the backing off it to reveal a self adhesive pad... And as for the user saying they show no pictures there are many photos of the product if u click "home" you should be able to see them

if u dont want to dpont order them its still a freebie and a good find might not be for every one dont vote if its not for u heat added from me tho
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