Free Euro 2016 Panini Official Sticker Album @ Waitrose (Essex)

Free Euro 2016 Panini Official Sticker Album @ Waitrose (Essex)

LocalFound 21st Apr 2016
Popped in to my local Waitrose today and they had a whole pile of around 100 (at a guess) sticker albums by the customer services desk. I asked how much they were and they said FREE! I'm assuming these were the leftovers from The Sun giveaway last Saturday (lol I imagine no Waitrose customers were buying The Sun!). Then later when I popped in to WHSmiths they also had a free pile of the albums on a shelf by the till. If you were interested in a free album and you missed the free one included with The Sun last Saturday then it might be worth popping in to your local WHS to check. Might be national.
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Which location did you see them at? Might pop in to town tomorrow and have a look!
also at Tesco
they should be in loads of supermarkets unless they've been binned they have no barcode so there's no value to the publisher
in tescos too
In most stores. just ask and they will give them to you if available
No wonder they give it away free! The absolute minimum number of packs needed to complete the book is 136. This assumes no duplicate stickers within the packets, Panini confirm you will not get the same sticker twice in the same packet.

In reality however, the more you collect the higher the chance of duplicates...In fact the mathematics tells us that on average you might expect to have to buy some 747 packets at cost of £374 to complete the album.

This reduces by 30% - 70% if you have a trading team of 2 - 10 people.

PS, I love these albums and still have my Mexico 86 album somewhere (mostly complete).
you can do the online one for free but it's just not the same..
We managed to get 36 free stickers this week courtesy of the Sun. Not a paper I will ever read however I bought last Saturdays paper in order to get the free album plus have managed to acquire a voucher every day this week (Mon-Fri) which entitles me to 6 free stickers each day. The albums are for my 5 yr old (who I am living my childhood vicariously through!) who enjoys doing a few stickers and who enjoys learning the different flags. I'm not even gonna tell them that there are 100 more stickers to collect, the enjoyment they have received from the free 36 stickers is well worth it!
Free in Tesco
Free in Sainsbury's at Strathaven too.
At my local Sainsburys there were hundreds of these stacked in piles by the till with a sign saying these were Free to customers. Am assuming this is national
oh gosh u posted it a week ago and by the look of it everyone's doing it
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