Free European parliment map /and other free stuff
Free European parliment map /and other free stuff

Free European parliment map /and other free stuff

Select your Publications:
EPB 001 - The European Parliament (52 page basic brochure on the EP)
EPE 001 - EP 2009-2014 Folded wall chart (A1)
EPE 002 - EU Institutions Wallchart
EPB 004 - Troubled Waters (40 page comic strip story of an MEP)
EPB 012 - Welcome To The European Parliament Pack
EPB 013 - The European Parliament as a champion of European Values (89 page brochure)
EPB 014 - Fact Sheets on the European Union (A CD-ROM containing the latest [2009] fact sheets)
EPB 015 - Take a fresh look at Europe (A4 folded guide to European Parliament's WebTV)
EPL 016 - Opportunities and resources for Young People in the EU (leaflet)
EPB 016 - The Faces of the European Parliament 2009-2011 (24 page brochure with photos of political leaders and senior MEPs)
EPL 018 - What are my rights as an EU citizen? (leaflet)
EPL 028 - Plastic Carrier Bags
EPL 044 - Flag Memory Game
EPL 049 - What does the UK Office of the European Parliament do? (leaflet)

just tick the boxs and get your free stuff
the wall map is really good
its total free


Thanks Robert.

Plastic carrier bag !!!!!! Shock, horror. The governments are supposed to be discouraging the use of plastic carrier bags, not giving them away. Write to your MEP and demand these are withdrawn and replaced with biodegradable, reusable bags. :-)

cant see any details for this in the link?

That's the wife's Christmas present sorted .

fascial waste yepee i'm in! Heat

nice1! - used to have that flag memory game, its quite good when you're really bored (really really bored)
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Is it free ? The British and European taxpayers contribute towards the EU Parliment so in turn they may provide free publications to the public. Sorry this isn't a freebie, infact this type of stuff should be discouraged to save money especially when finances are tight due to a global recession.
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