Free European Travel Insurance @Nationwide Building Society

Free European Travel Insurance @Nationwide Building Society

Found 4th Aug 2010
Nationwide Building Society's Flex Account customers can now get free European Travel Inurance. Cover is automatic, you don't need to apply for it or use their cards abroad.

FlexAccount is a bank account, and new customers, as well as existing customers, benefit
Existing Customers - You need to have had 3 months of £750 or more credited, and if a future month has less than this your future cover may lapse, until you have had 3 months credits again. You can always withdraw some cash, and pay it back in, as cash, if you're short one month, to reach this limit. Under 21's qualify by their age, and don't need to have credited this money.

Cover is available up to the age of 74, though additional premiums are possible, if you fall outside of the age groups, or have pre-existing medical conditions (which must be notified to them). Cover for locations outside of Europe is also available for a supplement. As ever, it pays to shop around to get the best deal for you, as it's possible to pick up annual insurance for around £14, if they like your age and don't have health conditions etc, It's not that widely known about at present, as it went live August 2nd.

As this is a freebie, similar to that offered by other banks to customers who pay for a premium bank account, with a monthly fee, this is potentially exceptionally good.

The link is not working, and unable to edit it, so please use this 1 for info or call them/pop in.…htm

You do not have to use your bank card abroad to get Free Travel Insurance! Nor do you need to apply for it as, if you're eligible, you automatically have it.

They have a freephone no, should you wish to talk to staff about it 0800 302010
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oh leave it out !
they are changing the free Europe debit card/ credit card use with no loading and the 1% worldwide charge...after Nov1 its 2% and £1 for use of ATMs with the terrible interest rates and other old fashioned rules this building society is going downhill fast.
You might want to fix your link, it's directing straight to CJ
2% is slightly lower than the others (for now)
Are yes a freebie but from November 1st it will be introducing a new fee for its customers who use a debit card abroad, which was previously free!!

Nationwide's FlexAccount has been a great option for regular travellers as customers aren't charged if they used their debit card in Europe, and they only pay 1% elsewhere in the world (this compares with a charge of between 2.5% and 3.0% from other banks and building societies). From November, however, Nationwide will charge 2% for all overseas' usage.
Thanks to for the info.
Firstly, you don't need to use your ATM card abroad to get this free insurance. I'm fairly mad that they are upping charges for that, but that is a totally separate point, and the insurance is available from now. Why vote based on a separate feature and product, that has its own fee?

This post is to enable anyone who banks with Nationwide - or a future customer - to get free travel insurance, whether or not they ever use their Nationwide card outside of the UK.
Thank you lawrenzini - I'm having problems updating the link, for some reason, though this should work, otherwise just will take you to their main page.…htm
Massive con - too many technicalities for something that you all so need.

Moreover, they've taken away the currency stuff - my money now gets paid elsewhere.
Its not a deal - they are taking away more from you than they are giving. I have used my Nationwide Flex card all the time when I'm overseas and the value of the European cover they are supplying can be got for £24.00 Now looking at my usage overseas (including ordering items from overseas) In the last year I would be down £218.

So to me this deal is COLD

Time to get the Halifax Clarity card.
cheers for the info - I bank with them and knew about the 2% thingy but not about the free European insurance.
The summary of cover is here, though supplements can be added.
Cancellation or curtailment charges £5,000
Emergency medical and other expenses £10 million
Hospital benefit £25 per day, maximum £1,000
Personal accident £25,000
Baggage / personal possessions £1,500
Delayed baggage / personal possessions £250 after 12 hours
Personal money £500
Passport and documents £500
Personal liability £2 million
Delayed departure £250 after 4 hours
Missed departure £1,000
Legal expenses and assistance £50,000
Number of days per trip 31 days
Excess £50
Winter sports Not included in standard cover
Hazardous activities Not included in standard cover

Why this is so cold, when you can get this free, if you either bank with Nationwide, or want to bank with them, is beyond me. This is potentially great for soneone about to go on holiday, as they may not need to buy insurance for this trip, thus saving money. There is no need to use your bank card abroad, which will have those new fees from November 2010, you just need to have the Flexaccount and have had sufficient credit - I realise times are hard, we don't all earn as much as each other, and I'm as careful as the next person when it comes to my money, but this I like.
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ExclusionsThis policy excludes any claim arising from:• Death, injury, i … ExclusionsThis policy excludes any claim arising from:• Death, injury, illness or disablement resulting from suicide, attempted suicide or wilful exposure todanger (except in an attempt to save human life).• Any consequence of War, Invasion, Act of Foreign Enemy, Hostilities (whether war be declared ornot), Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection or Usurped Power. Terrorism/a Terrorist act – thisdoesn’t apply to Section E, Emergency Medical and Travel Expenses abroad or to Section B, PersonalAccident except where nuclear, chemical or biological weapons/agents are used.• Death, injury, illness or disablement resulting from the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.(other than drugs taken under medical supervision and not for the treatment of drug addiction).• Bankruptcy/liquidation of any tour operator, travel agent or transportation company.• Claims related directly or indirectly to a medical condition of a close relative, travelling companion orbusiness associate (whether they are travelling or not) who has been a hospital in-patient in the last12 months or been put on a waiting list for hospital treatment: or has been diagnosed with or hadcancer in the last year.

Scary in the current climate to rely on this insurance
I have spent a long time looking at this, and have pointed out the possible negatives, that organisations don't do, outside of the headline 'It's Free' type slogans. If you're eligible then it makes sense to use it, even if you use a Halifax, or any other card once you're on holiday.

I shall review which card I use for purchases and bank machines from November, but if I've got free cover, I don't see much point in buying it, if it suits my needs.
Quote from their site -

Are you eligible?

You must hold a Flexaccount Visa debit card*, have opened your account before 2 August 2010 and meet one of the following criteria;
deposit a minimum of £750 each month (excluding internal transfers from other Nationwide accounts) into your FlexAccount between April and July 2010 and be 74 or under.

Or, be under the age of 21 on 1 November 2010.…htm

Thanks v2drinkers for highlighting exlusions
equalityforall you are right , if you need only Europe travel insurance this could be good for you, it that respect it really is good, for me I just feel sad about the extra charges, they used to crow about how other banks had these hidden charges. This is to keep quiet anyone whom used to benefit from the previous policy, so it is linked even if they have already started it.
Totally worthless to anyone who travels outside Europe as they will need additional cover anyway. I have a Worldwide annual multi-trip policy (around £50 for a couple) so gain no benefit from Nationwide's freebie but lose the valuable benefit of being able to withdraw my own money overseas for free. Another backward step for the bank that's proud to be different!
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• Death, injury, illness or disablement resulting from the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
(other than drugs taken under medical supervision and not for the treatment of drug addiction).

so no drinking or visits to amsterdam

• Bankruptcy/liquidation of any tour operator, travel agent or transportation company.
oh dear
are those normal conditions or is this really really basic cover?
Sorry but had to vote this cold. After sticking with NW for over 20 years they are now getting worse than the big banks. There isn't anything to differentiate them from all the others. Will be looking elsewhere for my current account.
Link not working, I suspect you have broken the terms and conditions of Commission Junction

Link not working, I suspect you have broken the terms and conditions of … Link not working, I suspect you have broken the terms and conditions of Commission Junction

Unfortunately I've not been able to edit the link to the deal, though did post the actual link in the text. I don't know Commission Junction, have never used them, and don't see how they could be involved, unless from Hotukdeals perspective, who do earn commission from some links.…htm

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I'm mentally disabled, so if anyone could correct the link I'd be really appreciative. When I edit the deal, text can be changed, but not the link address.
effing & jeffing

You're so right - I'm really angry about the charges for the other services from November, and range them to complain - that's how I found out about this. I've done all my banking with them for years, and will be reconsidering in future. For now, I'm using their free insurance, as it gives me what I need, we've paid for it indirectly, though it's free and it's my way of getting something back from them. The fact that they give this free insurance may be enough for other's travel insurance needs, though I recommend that everyone gets the insurance type that covers their unique needs. I don't mind about co's going bust atm, as I travel independently, and am - hopefully- using co's that won't go bust at the moment, and I hope never do.
Nationwide still offer this deal, so it's not 'expired' as an offer

Nationwide still offer this deal, so it's not 'expired' as an offer

Yup it's on till October, I just got my application form today
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