Free Evening Standard Umbrella when you purchase a paper

Free Evening Standard Umbrella when you purchase a paper

Found 18th Mar 2008
I noticed in London Bridge station as i was going to work today that Evening Standard was giving away free umbrellas when you purchase a paper..

not sure how long this will last..

take a look..
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This is on pretty much every time in rains.

Useful mind
I predict non-stop sunshine this year, so will be of no use
Cold and wet ...

but hot ...
Was on last week too.
Great thanks. Umbrellas are always handy
Evening standard is 50p?
Doing these are liverpool street yesterday, not sure about today.
A completely ridiculous gift.

It never rains here!!!



You can just picture it - can't you...

'If you don't stop doing that - I'm going to ram that umbrella....."

Just a day late but never mind! I got one!
Yea i think the person above is right. Its 50p

And They've been giving the umbrellas away for a while now. Really flimsey and break with a strong gust of wind but for the price i'd say its worth it.

I dont live anywhere near so I cant get one ! even if I did knowing my luck it would never rain again anyway .. !
I got one of these before it was a large gold style one with solid wooden handle. It is press button automatic opening feature. Very good quality! They used to give out free red "abbey" ones , they were not as good!
they was doing them yesterday at east croydon
piccadilly circus 3 weeks ago
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