Free Events, The Scoop, London, May - September

Free Events, The Scoop, London, May - September

Found 30th Apr 2013
Get Fit For Free featuring Bootcamp…193

Every Wednesday 1 May - 31 July

Time:07:30 - 08:30

Get Fit For Free is an hour-long free weekly class featuring a mix of calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. Instructors are from the nearby 37° gym who will push you to a limit you wouldn’t normally go to on your own.

Suitable for all fitness levels just turn up in your workout gear. For your first class please turn up 10 minutes before as you will have to register and complete a Par-q form. Classes are limited in size; therefore it will be run on a first, come first served basis.


Munch Street Food at More London

25 May

Time:10:00 - 22:00…194
Location:More London Riverside and The Scoop at More London

Munch Street Food will be serving up another delicious event at More London on Saturday May 25. 10 great traders will be serving a variety of fantastic street food from 10am - 10pm. Munch Street Food have teamed up with some of the leading street food traders, so there will quality cuisine to suit every taste.

In The Scoop at More London you will be able to listen to a number of great up-and-coming artists. We have put together an eclectic range of soulful and upbeat sounds for you to enjoy.

There will be a well stocked bar serving all your favourite beverages to help you wash down all that fantastic food. So come and enjoy Munch Street Food at More London. /…ood


Free Fringe Week 1 Dance - More London Free Festival

5, 6, 7 June


Ronnie Scott’s Rejects and Swing Dance
Date: 5 June
Time: 18:30 – 21:00
Learn to swing dance from The London Swing Dance Society, dance or just listen to the live music of Ronnie Scott’s Rejects and watch how the Lindy Hop should be danced!

18.30 Swing dance lesson
19.00 Dance to Ronnie Scott’s Rejects
19.40 Dance performance from South East London Lindyhop Club
20.00 Dance to Ronnie Scott’s Rejects
20.30 Further music and dance
21:00 Finish

Fronted by the sassy singer Hazel Holder, Ronnie Scott's Reject's repertoire explores the great show tunes of the 1930s and 40s made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Peggy Lee, Doris Day, Billy Holiday, Etta James, Nat Cole, Ray Charles and Louis Jordan.

Formed in 1989 when they started playing outside the Reject China Shop in Canterbury, the band took themselves off to London for a night out with their hard earned profits from busking. On arrival at the famous "Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club' in Soho, the band were refused admission on account of their youthful yet under-age looks. Hence, the birth of Ronnie Scott's Rejects!

The band has released an album under the name 'The Rag and Bone Club'. It features original jazz compositions by the band along with original takes on old classics.

The evening's entertainment will be preceded by a beginner's fun swing-dance lesson. No partner required, just turn up!

Brazilian Zouk Dance
Date: 6 June

Time: 18:30 – 20:00
Learn the Brazilian Zouk from Kleber C Saude, founder of Brazilian Social Dance which was set up partly to promote and celebrate Brazilian culture and dance but also to promote dance as a way to a healthy lifestyle.

18:30 Dance and join with the teachers and performers
19:00 Brazilian Zouk show, watch the professionals perform
19:10 Dance lesson and learn how to dance, class open to all levels
19:40 Free style dancing featuring further Zouk professional shows

The event will teach you how to dance the Brazilian Zouk, the dance that evolved from the famous Lambada and took the world by storm over 20 years ago. It has since borrowed from other dances and music and has turned into a beautiful and sensual dance that is today enjoyed worldwide in over 50 countries.

Kleber and his team have worked on many different projects in the UK and abroad including the Flag Handover to Rio 2016 in the London Olympics 2012, Notting Hill Carnival and Thames Festival.

As a teacher Kleber offers all of his skills and experience in the technical aspects of Brazilian dance, in a friendly, approachable and fun class environment. He helps his students to feel comfortable using their bodies, to be more confident, to understand the rhythms of the music and dance in harmony with their partners. He believes everyone can learn these dance styles and enjoy Brazilian Social Dance.

Movement Factory – Street Dance
Date: 7 June
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
The Movement Factory (formerly Bruk Out!) was the brain child of Leanne Pero and is a collective of dance initiative for all dance enthusiasts. From dance academies, dance parties, Zumba workshops to mobile dance workshops for schools, colleges and youth provision; they provide the one-stop shop for dance development.

For the final dance event the Movement Factory will be teaching and showcasing pieces inspired by different urban dance styles, including popping, locking and waacking plus old and new style hip-hop – easy to learn and open to all!

18:30 Music starts
18.40 Dance performances from the Movement Factory
19:00 Street dance lesson
19:20 Dance performance from the Movement Factory
19:30 Street dance lesson
20:00 Freestyle dance

The Movement Factory is using the performance here at The Scoop at More London to launch the Movement Factory Dance Foundation, aimed at helping young people under the age of 30.


Free Fringe Week 2 Laughter - More London Free Festival

12, 13, 14 June

Time:18:30 - 20:00…189

The Pantaloons Perform Sherlock Holmes
How can one open-air show with just four actors possibly contain so much action and adventure? Elementary, my dear! The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company put dynamic detective duo Holmes and Watson through their paces as they tackle their most fiendish case yet in this delightfully inventive and hilarious show for all ages featuring live music, audience interaction and more mystery than you can shake a magnifying glass at. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Sherlock Holmes is The Pantaloons' seventh production to visit The Scoop at More London following The Taming of the Shrew (2008), Romeo & Juliet (2009), Macbeth (2010), A Christmas Carol (2010), The Canterbury Tales (2011) and The Importance of Being Earnest (2012). The Scoop at More London is their favourite urban venue where the plucky theatre company have performed in blistering heat, high winds, pouring rain and even, for A Christmas Carol, in driving snow.

Formed in 2004, The Pantaloons are on a mission to bring a vital sense of "play" back to classical performance. They aim to recapture an aspect of drama which modern naturalistic theatre has lost: the riotous energy of the clown. Tapping into this rich vein of anarchic humour can have a strangely moving and uplifting effect and it also reminds us that we are all simply participants in a game of make-believe.

As The Pantaloons say: "In our theatre, your imagination is just as important as ours." The Pantaloons consists of Artistic Director Stephen Purcell, also an author of several books and an assistant professor at the University of Warwick, producing team Mark Hayward and Caitlin Storey and a rolling ensemble of talented actor-musicians who sing, puppeteer, improvise and generally act up a storm. Their eclectic, innovative performances are not to be missed.


Free Fringe Week 3 Mindfulness - More London Free Festival

19, 20, 21 June

Time:18:30 - 20:00…190

Experience something completely different in The Scoop at More London with these three events that focus on calm and inner peace.

Sound Healing and Gong Bath with London College of Spirituality
Date: 19 June
Time: 18:30

This is a unique sound event, involving chanting and the sound of gongs. Following an introduction, the first half of the evening will consist of chanting, with the aim of promoting a feeling of deep relaxation. Chanting creates a collective vibration and is an active experience that connects the audience through the sounds. The second half of the evening will be a Gong Bath, led by gong master Mark Swan. A gong bath is a bathing of sound vibrations through the gentle drumming of varied gongs. By skilfully playing the gongs, the sounds merge to form a beautiful melody that takes the participant into a state of meditation.

18:30 Introduction
18:40 Chanting begins
19:10 Break
19:20 Ice Breaker and gong bath begins
20:25 Closing meditation
20:30 Event finishes

Meditation and Mindfulness with Wake Up London
Date: 20 June
Time: 18:30 – 19:40

Wake Up London return to The Scoop at More London following their successful Meditation Flash Mob held last year. This evening of Meditation and Mindfulness will consist of different ways of connecting, through a variety of meditative practices. The chanting, silence, guided and silent meditations will give the audience a diverse experience of inner stillness.

18:30 Introduction to Silent meditation
18:35 Silent meditation
18:40 Introduction to mindfulness
18:45 Introduction and guided meditation - a member of the Wake Up London team will offer phrases based on simple conscious breathing exercises to guide the audience into a state of present moment awareness, calm and deep relaxation.
19:15 Silent meditation
19:30 Sound bath - invitation to chant whatever sounds or mantra resonates and bathe the amphitheatre with our collective voices
19:40 Event finishes

Drumming & Tribal Singing with the London College of Spirituality
Date: 21 June
Time: 18:30 – 20:30

For the final evening of Mindfulness the London College of Spirituality bring an hour of South American and African Shamanic drumming, instrumental music and singing followed by Icaros singing. Your host, Akasha Wacha has trained with tribes in the Amazon jungle for over 9 years and brings a wealth of native tribal songs, creating a live musical spectacle.

Icaros are the sacred Tribal songs from South America. They are passed down by mouth from their ancestors and carry the message of love for humanity and planet.

Shamanic Cultures are a collection of indigenous people who carry the traditions passed down from their ancestors, maintaining a deep connection to the earth and spiritual values of love, connection and celebration.

London College of Spirituality London College of Spirituality is a grassroots community of individuals, passionate about empowerment and service. It is a non religious organisation that encourages individuals to explore what spirituality means to them; LCS see spirituality as a way of life, a path of open mindedness, compassion and love. They deliver talks, workshops and events in central London, offering Londoners the chance to embrace their potential and create the path towards self fulfilment, happiness and peace. LCS encourages individuals to create outer social change through humanitarian and environmental work.

Wake Up London is a community of young people, aged between 16 to 35, who come together to practice the art of mindfulness in the midst of everyday life. They are inspired by the teachings of Zen Buddhist master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh and practice together in order to nourish joy and contribute to a healthy and compassionate society. They do this by concentrating on the present.


Free Fringe Week 4 Stimulation - More London Free Festival

26, 27, 28 June

Time:18:30 - 21:00…191

Merry Opera present The Magic Flute Part-pantomime, part-opera.

Kit Hesketh-Harvey’s new production for The Merry Opera Company re-lives The Magic Flute’s sublime music and triumphant opening night in 1791. Lofty divas and low comedians flourish. Watching closely are the shadowy forces of Freemasonry. And the composer, Mozart, fears he is being poisoned. A delight for opera connoisseurs and new comers alike.

Merry Opera is a registered charity that aims to widen the audience for opera and at the same time to provide a training ground for up-and-coming professionals of any age and nationality. There are many singers – technically adept and with a flair for performance – who are trying to balance building a singing career with the need to earn a living. Similarly, there are many designers and young technicians who are eagerly looking to practise their talents and gain experience. Opportunities are few and far between. Over the last six years, the Merry Opera Company has staged more than 200 performances, reaching an audience of over 30,000 people across southern England, Greater and Central London. In 2012 they took La Traviata to Malaysia for a tour of 14 performances over three weeks, during which they reached an audience of over 2,000 people. Their adaptations are intended for people who love music and beautiful singing but who may be intimidated (or bored?) by “high culture” – people who want “a good night out at the opera”, not “a night at the opera, because it’s good for you”.

Free Music - More London Free Festival

Every Wednesday - Friday 3 - 26 July

Time:12:30 / 18:30
Free Music - More London Free Festival

Every Wednesday - Friday 3 - 26 July

Time:12:30 / 18:30…187

Week 1

Young Voices
Date: 3 July
Time: 12:30
Young Voices inspires and motivates children and young people and introduces them to the joys of music and singing. They are the largest school choir organiser in the world but also have the Young Voices Foundation which introduces young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into the joy of music. Hear them and a special guest artist open the Free Music Festival at The Scoop at More London.

Choirs from Music in Offices featuring the Norton Rose Choir
Date: 3 July
Time: 18:30
Join the choirs from Music in Offices and listen to the 2012 winners of Office Choir Of The Year Competition, More London residents, Norton Rose.…rs/

Plum Busby Lunchtime Extravaganza
Date: 4 July
Time: 12:30
Americana day begins with Plum Busby who have been described as “an original mixture of humour & sauce...Blitz music-hall, Harlem jazz, lonesome Bluegrass, Las Vegas glitz & then something else on top”…man

Pacifico Blues
Date: 4 July
Time: 18:30
Come and celebrate the 4th of July American style with an evening of blues from Pacifico Blues and guests. Enjoy tracks from their new album, One More Party.

Gui Taveras Duo
Date: 5 July
Time: 12:30
Brazilian guitarist and singer Gui was Born in Campinas, São Paulo. Gui's musical career began at an early age with his love of guitar, singing and dance and is passionate about sharing the joy of music. He and his percussionist bring their Bossa Nova-inspired compositions to The Scoop at More London.

The AllStars Collective
Date: 5 July
Time: 18:30
Fresh from performing at the Roundhouse and recording at Abbey Road, the AllStars return to The Scoop at More London. This collection of some of the best session musicians in the world have become synonymous with Friday night’s family party and return with their unique brand of live music.

Week 2

London Centre for Contemporary Music Students
Date: 10 July
Time: 12:30
More London welcomes local Southwark students from the London Centre for Contemporary Music to perform this lunchtime in The Scoop at More London. LCCM is the leading London Music School for UK degrees and courses in bass, composition, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, singing, song writing, studio production, trombone and trumpet. It is the only college of contemporary popular music that combines musical individuality with academic rigour.

The Ronnie Scott’s Rejects
Date: 10 July
Time: 18:30
This is your chance to put into practice the dance routines learnt on the opening night of the Free Festival. Ronnie Scott’s Rejects return for an evening of dancing and swing music. Bring your dancing shoes!

Date: 11 July
Time: 12:30
Bastedo are a four piece acoustic bands who bring their own particular style of music “Suburban Blues”. They are a young Urban Latin blues band, and include a female Flamenco guitarist.

Jo Harman
Date: 11 July
Time: 18:30
Jo Harman is rated very as potentially the best blues, roots and soul infused artist to come out of the UK. Times FM have described her as “the best British voice in decades”. Join Jo and her band as they play here at the Scoop at More London in the midst of their busy UK tour.

EMI Music Sound Foundation
Date: 12 July
Time: 12:30
Young and gifted musicians from the EMI Music Sound Foundation will be performing this lunchtime. The EMI Music Sound Foundation is an independent music education charity which was established in 1997 to celebrate the centenary of EMI Records and to improve young peoples' access to music education in the UK & Ireland. Come down this lunchtime and give them your support – they might be the “next big thing”!

The AllStars Collective
Date: 12 July
Time: 18:30
Friday night is party night! Bringing their special blend of soul and funk to The Scoop at More London this 13 piece band always seem to be having as much fun as the crowd…possibly even more! Made up of some of the best session musicians in the world this is the second performance at the More London Free Festival

Week 3

Paul Mosley
Date: 17 July
Time: 12:30
'Lyrically cynical yet resoundingly upbeat, musically adventurous yet easily accessible’ Paul Mosley is a one off who definitely broke the mould! This thoughtful Northern musician brings with him a variety of interesting instruments. Prepare to be moved by his thought provoking, unique folk sound.

We Sing U Sing
Date: 17 July
Time: 18:30
More London is pleased to support the community group We Sing U Sing. They were created to bring the fun activity of Gospel singing back to the community. Their innovative programmes have been designed for people who would otherwise not have the opportunity or access to a structured singing programme. We Sing U Sing does exactly what it says they sing and you get the chance to join in with them! Their tutors are experienced musicians and singers who work as professionals in the music industry, both in the UK and abroad. These professional musicians have undertaken training as educators and work throughout the education sector, polishing their skills to the level whereby they are able to conduct 1 day – 13 week music education courses, designed to bring out the best in their students. A great family night out and back by popular demand!

EMI Music Sound Foundation
Date: 18 July
Time: 12:30
A further chance to see some young & gifted musicians perform from the EMI Music Sound Foundation, an independent music education charity which was set up to celebrate the centenary of EMI Records and to improve young peoples' access to music education in the UK & Ireland.

Funk Republic
Date: 18 July
Time: 18:30
Funk Republic presents a night of killer grooves and 70’s funk & soul. Get down with your bad self. Note: website currently doesn’t work as being developed.

Best of Bexfactor
Date: 19 July
Time: 12:30
Professional musicians worked with these talented young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds in Bexleyheath in this community project. The result – Best of Bexfactor – watch this young talent play perform their own compositions and contemporary classics.

The AllStars Collective
Date: 19 July
Time: 18:30
Fun for all the family. The Friday night picnic and dancing continues with More London’s resident band The AllStars. Come and join London’s top session musicians letting their hair down in their third appearance at the More London Free Festival.

Week 4

Pandemonium Drummers
Date: 24 July
Time: 12:30
Since last year’s success at the Olympics Opening Ceremony, the Pandemonium Drummers have been in demand all over the UK. Here they regroup for some wonderful drumming at The Scoop at More London.

Kasai Masai
Date: 24 July
Time: 18:30
Based in London and led by Voodoo King Nickens Nkoso, Kasai Masai brings us the traditional sound of the most remote African villages with a colourful and urban twist.

Earl Okin
Date: 25 July
Time: 12:30
Earl Okin is a true original. Genuinely versatile, his talents range from that of a fine singer-songwriter, to that of pianist, guitarist, world-class Jazz-Singer, as well as his unique standing as ' vocal trumpeter, trombonist and clarinettist'. Added to all of this is his humour, sophisticated and witty enough to have made him perhaps the leading music and comedy act on the unforgiving London Alternative Comedy Circuit. Join him here at The Scoop at More London before he travels to Edinburgh for the Festival.

Amelia Robinson
Date: 25 July
Time: 18:30
Newly in town from NYC, Amelia Robinson’s live and interactive performance introduces grown-ups with young children to the world of instruments through original, quirky and whimsical songs on the electric ukulele. Fallen Heroes Date: 26 July Time: 12:30 The Fallen Heroes are a New Orleans marching band who bring lots of life into the spaces they play. After living in New Orleans for over a decade, Emile Martyn returned to London and set up his very unique rhythm ‘n’ blues band with his brother Ben.

The AllStars Collective
Date: 26 July
Time: 18:30
With special guest the legendary Jim Mullen joining the band tonight, come down for the final AllStars performance and the closing night of the music element of the More London Free Festival. The last night is always a treat so grab your seats early!


Free Theatre - More London Free Festival

Every Wednesday - Sunday / 7 August - 1 September
Time: 18:00 / 20:00
Location: The Scoop at More London
Admission: FREE

For its 11th year in The Scoop at More London, the award-winning London's Free Open Air Theatre Season (previously known as Steam Industry Free Theatre) presents The Thebans directed by Phil Willmott; two fully staged productions inspired by the ancient Greek city of Thebes. Whether you’re new to these masterpieces or already a fan, what better place to enjoy them than beneath a summer sky on the banks of the Thames.

Prince of Thebes
Date: Every Wednesday - Sunday / 7 August – 1 September

Time: 18:00 – 19:00
Aimed at a family audience and those encountering Oedipus for the first time, our irresistible blend of comedy, adventure, music and puppetry will introduce you to the young Prince as he thwarts magical and mortal enemies in his quest to lift an evil spell.

Oedipus and Antigone
Date: Every Wednesday - Sunday / 7 August – 1 September

Time: 20.00 – 22.00
As twilight gathers around More London, older audiences are invited to discover the terrible fate of the adult Oedipus and his children in a vivid new production combining masterpieces by Aeschylus and Sophocles. Chronicling the downfall of the Theban Royal family this epic story of a proud father and daughter battling the gods for survival echoes down the centuries and asks us to consider the role destiny plays in all our lives.

Post show chats with the company will take place after Oedipus and Antigone on 11, 15, 25 and 29 August.

STAGETEXT captioned performance of both shows – 22 August
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