Free Exercise Band and Fitness Plan
Free Exercise Band and Fitness Plan

Free Exercise Band and Fitness Plan

Get your free exercise band and fitness plan with the UKs No.1 fitness trainer Nicki Waterman.

Enter the unique code: intuition

Just tested it and it works

Still working 08/01 3pm.
- littleterror



Thnaks for this!


Thanks appriciated :thumbsup:

just ordered for the misses

Just ordered one for my misses too, although I dont know how happy she'll be to get it. She might think I'm trying to tell her something !!!!!

Thanks, anyone got a code for the lovely legs DVD?


Thanks, anyone got a code for the lovely legs DVD?:-D

i think that promotion has ended.

[edit: yes it has i just found it on their site wilkinson-sword.co.uk/ind…337 ]

[edit2: *oh yeah* cheers for the link, ordered one but not so sure if i will get thanked or spanked]

Cheers, just ordered one for the missus, i must be careful not to mention 'Bingo Arms' lol. Voted hot.

Thank you for this just ordered one

Thanks, just ordered

thankyou ordered..

thanks, just ordered!

Thanks, just ordered one.

whats the promo code please?

Thanks, just ordered one too!!!

Woo hoo just ordered, now all I have to do is make sure I use it.


thanks for this!!

intuition is the promo code.......just ordered one for myself and one for my sister....many thanks

Thanks, could do with some of that ! ;-)

thanks just ordered.

Thank you just ordered one

Didn't work for me, perhaps all out now or promotional code has changed.

Ordered this one too, was still working at about 4 o'clock today! Thanks very much:thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thanks Everyone for your feedback and the rep given

Lets hope its a good 2007 for bargins everywhere!

Just ordered. Thanks. Looking forward to working out

Well I got "Thank you for registering for our exercise band promotion" so heres hoping!

great thanks have just ordered mine now. needed after xmas pig out...:santa:

:thumbsup: thanks! gonna banish those bingo arms!


Thank you

Thanks for this. They are expensive to buy.

WOOHOO! lovely thanks alot!

Thanks just ordered one

Just ordered mine! Thanks

thanks again littleterror hopefully i will receive this could do with the exercise lol

thanx, need one!

Original Poster

Are they? I had never heard of them before.

Thanks for this, I got the lovely legs DVD in the summer and have been meaning to use it (its still in its box). Hopefully will use this one!!!

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