Free extra o2 data,  may be account specific

Free extra o2 data, may be account specific

Found 10th Jan
Just a heads up, myself a few friends have all checked our o2 accounts and all had free offers of data for 3 months, so far I have seen 500nb and 1GB offers.
Just check my offers on your app and see if you qualify for free data, simples


Can you show me where to find it on a picture

Nothing on mine

Thanks I just got an extra 1g for 3 months

Go to my o2 and click on perks and offers on bottom in blue

My O2 the app? I dont actually have that option at the botton...

Nothing for me

There is no 'my offers' option on the My O2 app I'm using.

nothing on mine. account specific

Thanks, just got an entire 1GB

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Yea it says get exclusive offers and perks at the bottom of the home page of the myo2 app, ill see if I can get a screengrab

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Good to see others are getting it but as I said initially it does look account specific.

thanks for this - just got 3 free months of 500mb data bolt on

Nothing for me on my app! Maybe next time...i have enough data anyways

So glad I am still on an old contract and get unlimited internet, these phone companies are taking the peewee herman with these deals

Contract or PAYG?

got mine, the offers and perks bit is like a pop up at the bottom of the screen it goes away after a few seconds.

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Contract or PAYG?

I would assume contract but you might as well check and see


Thanks op!
Just found this in O2 site.

i got £1 credit by just logging on the o2 priority app if thats anyhelp

OR Text MYO2APP to 2020

Got it thank you

I just got an extra 1GB for 3 months so have some heat. Thanks.

Nothing. Been with them for over 10 years and never get anything. That's it, f them, going to 3.

Nothing on mine.

Just threaten to leave o2 and get put through to their retain team. I did and without any hassle got 2GB data, limitless calls and limitless texts on a 12 months contract. Only £10 per month.

Thank you got an extra 1gb
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