FREE Eye Test & 500 Nectar points
FREE Eye Test & 500 Nectar points

FREE Eye Test & 500 Nectar points

Just received an email from them. Seems a good offer



Discount only available to the original Nectar email recipient.

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seems available to everyone. The email does not contain voucher. You have to provide your details and email Id to get the voucher.


That's what the offer page says.

Should've gone to Specsavers!

i took up a free eye test a few months back, after i thought i had colour blindness when attempting to watch a 3d movie. the optician smiled at me at the end and said "you eyes are fine! - the problems in your brain" yoohoo i thought until i walked out and realised what he said


Discount only available to the original Nectar email recipient.

Yes you fill in your email address etc and it means only available to the person who receives the email ie you. Or you can print it from your web browser once you have entered your details.

Closing date: 09/05/2010

Good deal, got my voucher

Just pointing out that requesting the voucher does not get you 500 points, you have to turn up at D&A and get the eyes tested using the voucher first.

I only mention it to save people rushing to apply when they do not have a D&A near enough to avoid transportation costs getting there.

In Bristol it costs us £4 on the bus using a day-rider. Return fare is not much cheaper.

I must have been unlucky as I had my eyes tested last week (they've improved :? ) and will get my free NHS glasses in a couple of days.

D&A Hounslow were not interested in processing my 500 points - the only reason I went there - stating my voucher just gave me a free test. Maybe I wasn't pushy enough...

URL for offer should be: danda.co.uk/220…00/

Otherwise, "Nectar Card Number: 63576780013&source=" will show in the voucher T&Cs

can't go wrong. I have taken this offer up before....

the email voucher recieved says
•The Nectar number on the Nectar card should match the number on the voucher
What does that mean because nectar card number was never asked when i placed my details in

Shoddy. I went last week and got a thorough eye exam FREE. However, the optician didn't detect the piece of contact lens irritating my eye for the last couple days
Thankfully, my GP later that day removed it!
The 500 Nectar points will show up on your statement but it can take time
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