Free Eye Test At Boots (Glasses Only Not Contact Lens)

Free Eye Test At Boots (Glasses Only Not Contact Lens)

Found 4th Sep 2006
Free Eye Test Between 3rd-9th Sept 06

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Maybe I need one but I can't see any details on the 'go to deal' link. It just goes to the main Boots site.
this is the link

It works if you paste it directly into the address bar..
Ahh, yeah that works now. Thanks.
There's also the Boots Health Club: ]http//ww…tml

Sign up for other offers and money off coupons, but expect a bit of mail, text messages...

Thanks for this joggerspark
Fantastic news, my girl really needs a test and wasn't getting one because they cost too much. Thanks lots!
thanks for voting everyone :thumbsup:
I'm sure this has been mentioned when free eye tests have been on here before, but for us Scots they are already free...

Ah... devolution...

scotty6435 girl really needs a test..

Will I? Nah... I'll leave the obvious joke for others... :lol: ;-)

Just a quick note. This is just for a Glasses eye test. Rang up before and they are not gving away contact lens tests(Strange but they do differ).


Me too. Tried to book a free contact lense eye examination but she said it was only for glasses, not contact lenses.
thanks for that feedback pedro6994 & Speculator. Updated the title. :thumbsup:
Hello all. I phoned yesterday to book this for my squinting, headachey husband. The automated message said the offer had been extended until the 15th due to demand. When the call was finally answered they took my number and said they'd call back within a couple of hours to book the appointment; they never did.

I've just booked a free eyetest with Dolland and Aitchison instead, using the HUKD free eyetest voucher link. The current one is valid until 31/10/06, but they seem to offer them all the time. D&A fitted my husband in this Saturday with no probs.
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