Free eye test for students
Free eye test for students

Free eye test for students

If students are over 18 they normally have to pay for eye tests. Although D&A dont advertise it, they give free eye tests to students with a student card.


Students seem to have good eyesight:) They are quick to spot where all the bars and pubs are when they arrive.

Good spot - you obviously have good eyesight too.

i thought most places did free eyetests anyway, or is that because im a student lol, i got my last one free at boots

20:20 :thumbsup:

Good post,thank you-I shall tell my son.

soon to be a student again..... so thanks for this.

Students get free eye tests anywhere don't they?

this is cold for me you get free eye tests in scotland any way's

I didn't know so thank you!

Thanks..shall check it out. :thumbsup:
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