FREE Eye Tests @ Specsavers

FREE Eye Tests @ Specsavers

Found 9th Dec 2014
Free eye test voucher had disappeared off their website recently but is back now. Posting in deals rather than Misc as a lot of people including me never look in Freebies or Misc.

1. Click the URL, print the voucher
2. Take it to your nearest Specsavers store
3. Win!

Happy Xmas :-)
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free at boots too
Tesco also do free eye tests
Always free in Salford, have a bloke on the door trying to drag people in as they pass.
This is actually a great deal, as most folk between 16-60 are only entitled to one test every two years. If you're having issues with your eyesight and don't want to risk forking out £40 or you fancy new gleks, but don't want to wait until you're due your sight test, this is pretty ace.
Went to a Specsavers for a "free eyetest" as I was suffering from migranes and constant headaches when wearing glasses, was told I had something wrong with my eyes and needed to change my prescription as they lense had to be modified. Maybe stigmatism or something i can't remember exactly, got my glasses back and I couldn't see out of them, they told me to take my glasses and let them settle, as my eyes will need to adjust.. Still couldn't see. Didn't believe me, did another test, same result still didn't believe me.

Went somewhere else for 2nd opinion., my eyesight hadn't changed and there was nothing wrong with my current prescription.
Can see using the same glasses prescription and no headaches (Doc said I had some kind of bug, which was making me ill)
Its about time I had 1
Free at Tesco opticians too.
Is there an obligation to buy the specs from them, or can you walk out with your prescription?
Can I us the voucher for a contact lens eye test?
There's absolutely no obligation to buy specs, but there are pretty nifty deals there. Not that I'm trying to be a walking billboard, haha!

I don't think you can use it for a contact lens check, but they're free in most stores anyway, as long as you buy lenses.

Don't quote me on this though. Each store may have individual policies.
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