Free FA Cup Trophy Tour
Free FA Cup Trophy Tour

Free FA Cup Trophy Tour

The FA Cup Trophy Tour is your chance to get your hands on The FA Cup.

Score the winning goal at The FA Cup Final at our virtual Wembley, then download your free personal video clip

Get involved on the Tour's mini football pitch, or try your hand at 'power kick'


Make a great gift - so many different venues to chose from. And get a chance to lift the FA cup, have it filmed, and then download the clip on your PC when you get home!


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Click on the link, and select 'Pre-Register' - book in your timeslot and you are done.


hummpphh!! Its not coming to newcastle or anywhere near the north east!! My little lad would love this!


Booked and sorted. Best thing I've EVER seen on here mate. Fantastic!!

quality mate looking forward to it being in london:thumbsup:

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Tour lasts approximately 30 mins. Going next week.

Closest my team will get to an FA Cup!
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