Free face mask
Free face mask

Free face mask

* Fill in the registration form on the right
* submit the form and we'll send you a product to try
* After a few days we'll email you to see how it went
* You fill out a simple survey online - BE HONEST - we need all comments; good, bad or indifferent DON'T HOLD BACK
* Then we'll send you another £5.00 worth of free products*


halloween was the other week wasnt it?


Hmmm. Not sure if it's wise to send for one for the Mrs. What does that say to her. Ah, went for it anyway. Cheers OP, warmed it up a bit.

Live on the side of danger, I sent for one for the missus.Ta.bluesky..

seems a good deal....cant wait to try

Cheers got the wife one, hope it stays on!


lets hope it makes her look good

Have I missed something becasue I just registered, and expected a 2nd page to fill in, but there wasn't one. How they gonna email to see how it went when nowhere does it ask for your email addy?

I think you made the same mistake as me. The second field after 'Name' is 'Email' not 'Surname'.

ahh right thanks

Thanks op, just registered

Sounds nice -registered Thanks!

Gave it up as a bad job, the site's slower than MSE...........and that's saying summut!

Oh good, I need one of them...

registered thanks its organic.

Ordered Thanks

ordered,thanks BlueSky


Wonder if Suma sell this product with it being organic

Thanks, ordered mine :thumbsup:

thanks great post

Thanks sounds good.


If you click on the bottom of the list on the left, the button that says "exclusive to our friends at Boots" it takes you to a free competition on the next page. Details below:

Fill in the little boxes below to be entered into our Organic Basket Giveaway* worth £150. Crammed with 7th Heaven masks bursting with the freshest & juiciest ingredients, 7th Heaven fridge holder to chill your face masks, organic wine & chocolates, an organic lifestyle book – 'The Good Life', bathrobe & slippers. How Heavenly!

If you are unlucky, don’t panic we also have 150 mini baskets worth £5 to giveaway*. Includes face masks and fridge holder

Cheers, voted hot!
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