Free facial and personal consultation worth £95 at DestinationSkin

Free facial and personal consultation worth £95 at DestinationSkin

Found 22nd Jul 2009
Due to popular demand DestinationSkin have brought back their fantastic skincare offer. You will enjoy a personal skin consultation and facial worth an amazing £95 entirely for free. Your appointment will entitle you to a customised treatment and product prescription, a detailed skin analysis using a specialist skin scanner as well as a FREE prescription facial using the latest cosmeceutical products. Available at the following top city locations - London, Birmingham and Manchester. Offer ends 31st July 2009.



this is a great deal unfortunately none near me! I did list this freebie yesterday morn but for some reason it got removed! Hopefully it stays on as its a good deal.

Fantastic deal - heat added - I'm trying to book one for my g/f and if they let me I'll get one too - cost I'm a modern man in a non metrosexual way - innit!

London Birmingham, Manchester..
Lucky girls (sorry: people) ;-) living there!

Good find!

has anyone received a confirmation email or a call ... as I signed up for it yesterday as well but have had nothing back

Thanks pinkmelonsmr2!

I booked in with DestinationSkin in London. I went last night for my appointment and was hugely dissappointed.

Essentially they werent even going to give me the free facial - they just wanted to talk about what services they could offer me. I was annoyed so I pulled out a printout of the offer and showed the girl and ended up getting a 10 minute facial (cleanse, exfoliant, chemical peel, moisturiser and antioxident gel) - I was in and out the door in 30 minutes tops.

I was not impressed at all with the facility, treatment or feeling of care you'd usually get from a specialist clinic but the facial did leave me skin looking a lot nicer.

Based on my experience I don't think I'll be returning to DestinationSkin again.
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